A Message from the Fantasy Faire Creative Director (and a Main Sponsor)

25 04 2010

Zander Greene is one of the executive team members who created (both literally and figuratively) the Fantasy Faire for all of us to experience again this year. You may have noticed Zander around the Faire in several roles – from that of flying around the Faire SIMs dishing out prizes as a Low Lag Fairy, to entertainment announcer and host on the main stage at FF Central. What you don’t get to see is the sheer depth of enthusiasm and positivity Zander radiates about the Faire, and the opportunities within it for all of us.

I was fortunate enough to interview Zander late my night last night, while Zander flew that ‘flight’ dance in FF-purple angel wings, dipping up and down above the Main Stage while DJ Aryon Dagger played below.

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Welcome to the FF 2010: Sassy Kitty Designs

20 04 2010

I want to introduce another sponsor of the Fantasy Faire 2010:

Sassy Kitty Designs by Kinu Mayako, as you can already see by the name Kinu creates Neko items, but her clothes are smexy even without being Neko *winks*

Find her store on the sponsored by her sim Neko Industrial Park You rock, thank you for relaying ❤

The slideshow will show you some of the cutest ears and tails ever, plus a variation of shirts all for Relay for Life

FaireGround Sneak Peek

17 04 2010

I admit, when i found out this morning i can go and have a first  look at the Fantasy Faire 2010 sims i tp’d there immediately. What i found took my breath away. The builders of the sims have outdone themselves. Am i allowed to say, the Sci-Fi sim is my absolute favourite? I could hardly decide which pictures to show in the sneak peek, so i will use a little slideshow and hope it is okay 🙂 You can chose the View all images option for a closer Look…

You did a great job, i cannot wait for all stores to move in and the first shopping spree. Thank you to everyone for making all this possible

The Fairgrounds will be open to the public on April, 19th..stay tuned!

Meet a Sponsor : Fondazione Connell Project

14 04 2010

Fondazione Connell Project is sponsoring another SIM and an event this year, for the Fantasy Faire. Asia Connell was a main sponsor in 2009, and I was honoured to get hold of her via notecards to take a look at what the foundation has been up to this past year also. And of course, writing up this article gave me an opportunity to re-visit the Fondazione Connell Project in-world. This place is simply a joy and a  beautiful place ‘to be’.

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Meet an FF Sponsor: Mer Betta

8 04 2010

[Mer Betta logo, used with permission]

There are so many styles and unique looks throughout all of Second Life. Nowhere is this more evident or on display than the little seen, yet slowly growing world, below the surface of the water. Second Life waters are full of a myriad and dazzling display of glorious sea life.

One of the best examples of the opulence and beauty of being a merrow can be found in Mer Betta. A popular and widely recognized shop to all mermaid and mermen. Mer Betta is a distinctive brand with a small but meticulously designed selection. These fin sets are based on real life betta fish and emulate their grace and elegance to perfection. Each fin set provides a wealth of options and easy customization. These are fins that are made for being noticed in and feeling truly majestic while floating through any Second Life waters.

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Meet a FF Sponsor : FUD – Fairy Unique Designs

15 03 2010

FUD or Fairy Unique Designs are our SIM sponsor for the ViaObscurium SIM of the Fantasy Faire this year. Behind the store name you will find creator HappyHolly Grigges.

Further images of FUD products can be found on the FUD sponsorship page onsite here at the Fantasy Faire website, but in the meantime we’d like to share the interview I had with Happyholly, over what the Fantasy Faire means to her this year.

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Registration for the Fantasy Faire 2010 is Open!

7 03 2010

We are still looking for creators, event and SIM sponsors. And there is a Design Competition for creators also. More on those will be coming up shortly.

This post will give you the details for opportunities to be a creator or featured creator on the Fantasy Faire SIMs this year. Also look out for Sponsorship Opportunities and a Design Competition running right now.

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