Fantasy Faire Raises 2.5 Million Lindens

26 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire 2010 is coming to an end, we’ve raised an AMAZING amount of money (2,567,706 linden) and it’s all because of YOU!

THANK YOU to the amazing team members of Friends Fighting Cancer, the builders, landscapers, creators, sponsors, entertainers and shoppers for making it so wonderful!

FFC Fantasy Faire


Ember Farina’s Fantasy Faire Acknowledgements

26 04 2010

Ember Farina is a conundrum. As the Fantasy Faire Team Captain and Friends Fighting Cancer executive team member, Ember embodies all that the Fantasy Faire requires in leading, managing and administering the many other dedicated workers involved in making the fantasy a reality; and of course, in liasing with the many generous creators providing goods at the Faire. But take away that public persona of duty and fundamental dedication to making the Faire work, and you find somebody equally dedicated to not being interviewed or not having her photograph taken.

My interview with Ember Farina took four hours, a record created due to both busy-ness from her side, and some real life interruptions from both. But mostly because, as Ember admitted, her SL inbox was still filling up with IM’s, emergencies to deal with, notecards and general requests, even on the last public day for the Fantasy Faire.

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Fantasy Faire Sunday 25th Entertainment Schedule [Updated]

25 04 2010

Sadly we’ve come to our closing day of Fantasy Faire 2010, but we’re going out with a blast from three wonderful performance events, including the return of ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow at 1pm SLT, and the closure gives everybody the chance to bid on those fantastic SIM gates.

Please come to support all the wonderful artists and performers who have generously given of their time and work to support the Fantasy Faire and to benefit Relay for Life.

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A Message from the Fantasy Faire Creative Director (and a Main Sponsor)

25 04 2010

Zander Greene is one of the executive team members who created (both literally and figuratively) the Fantasy Faire for all of us to experience again this year. You may have noticed Zander around the Faire in several roles – from that of flying around the Faire SIMs dishing out prizes as a Low Lag Fairy, to entertainment announcer and host on the main stage at FF Central. What you don’t get to see is the sheer depth of enthusiasm and positivity Zander radiates about the Faire, and the opportunities within it for all of us.

I was fortunate enough to interview Zander late my night last night, while Zander flew that ‘flight’ dance in FF-purple angel wings, dipping up and down above the Main Stage while DJ Aryon Dagger played below.

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Talking about the Fantasy Faire, and Taking Nice Pictures

25 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire winds up this weekend and I’ve tried to keep up with the literally hundreds of blogs about the Faire, and list them as I’ve found them. Sources have been large – from personally scanning hundreds of  blogging feeds to picking up on those which go through this website’s dashboard faster than you sink into the sea at a SIM crossing, to those bloggers who emailed or IM’ed either myself or Evangeline Miles.

I guarentee, however, that I missed a good many of the blogs and media attention towards the Faire, so would like to take this opportunity to whole-heartedly add my own thanks to everybody who blogged and got the word out on the Faire this year. There will still be many blog posts yet to come, as avatars catch up with everything they’ve purchased from all the fantastic creators we have at the Faire. Feel free to add your own blog posts over the next week onto the comments area on the FF Talk page.

Now, a couple of mentions from my own side –

Some top blogger and photographer callouts mainly for sheer volume and hard work, because I know these people particularly cared about their posts, and providing them for us and importantly, their precense around the Faire noticably added to ‘The Fantasy’  –

  1. Shayariel Teardrop, who happens to be one of the Fantasy Faire writers here on this blog, and whom I found wandering the Faire – ALL WEEK, attending many of the events, and on call when I quickly was asked for some Great Gate photographs – and she had them done within minutes. At last count, Shay had blogged 15 personal blogs about the Faire, not to mention the articles she provided for this website. And she has put up a lot of images onto the Fantasy Faire Flickr group also. (Find Beulah’s links to her posts on the FF Talk page)
  2. Beulah Mills, who to date, has written 7 blog posts personally, as one of Evie’s official bloggers – and I would like to highlight Beulah’s attention to her posts – she has meticulously included picks from FF creators which will cater for those avatars who aren’t as much into fantasy clothing. (Find Shayariel’s links to her posts on the FF Talk page)
  3. Wildstar Beaumont, who has a stunning portfolio of images – covering all of the SIMs, and many of the people at the Faire, on our FF Flickr group. (despite Wildstar twice outbidding me on certain items at the Fantasy Faire auctions, I bare no ill-will for this particular person, lol)
  4. Villemo Inglewood, who again has populated the Flickr group with an impressive range of beautiful images taken at the Faire.
  5. Dagmar Haiku, for again, a large range of photographs shared on Flickr, and for Dagmar’s precense at many of the events on Central Stage, and the announcements of Tiny Tea Parties which made me grin everytime I read the FF group in-world.

On the Flickr note, I have taken the liberty of putting together a gallery for each of the Fantasy Faire SIMs, using all of the images found on our group. Unfortunately Flickr doesn’t allow me to add my own images to galleries, so there are around 40 of the SIM snapshots which can’t appear within these galleries. At some point I’ll create a pseudo-logon and upload those to add to the Galleries (links below). However, thanks to the people mentioned above, and many others, the galleries make a collection of the Faire to  browse through.

Link – Flickr Galleries

There are so many other bloggers who have written many great blog posts, and I also have the other Fantasy Faire writers to thank for their interviewing of our main sponsors and additional articles and photographs taken and shared here on this website. And of course, without all the hard work of the Friends Fighting Cancer Executive, Operations, and Set-Up team members, there would not have been a Fantasy Faire this year to write about. For a list of these, please see the link below.

LinkFantasy Faire Teams

Thank You ALL
PacificBlue Hanly

And it’s not finished yet – there’s still a full day of Fantasy to go!

One and a Half Days to Go

24 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire has only a day and a half to go, but what a day and a half. Entertainment, RFL items at every creator store, and prizes. Nows a good time to come shopping, and to admire the SIMs before they are pulled down.

  • Tonight – 6pm, is the closing of the Fantasy Faire Auctions, so if you have your eye on one or two fabulous items, get in there fast. Fantasy Faire Auction
  • Tomorrow (Sunday) there is another show of the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow at 1pm. Fantasy Faire Central Stage
  • And at 5pm, the Fantasy Faire Great Gates will be auctioned off in a live auction. Fantasy Faire Central Stage
  • Don’t forget that as you go around the Faire, look out for purple or aqua ribbons hidden across the SIMs – these are free prizes provided by our generous creators.

Fantasy Faire Saturday 24th Entertainment Schedule

24 04 2010

Five performances to entertain you this Saturday at Fantasy Faire 2010, providing various styles including a Rock Band at noon! Today is your last chance to bid at the Fantasy Faire auctions – these close at 6pm tonight.

Please come to support all the wonderful artists and performers who have generously given of their time and work to support the Fantasy Faire and to benefit Relay for Life.

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central

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