Thibauld Greene Industries

Given his role within the Fantasy Faire itself, on the Executive team for Friends Fighting Cancer, and as a master builder of many of the components making up the Faire, I was puzzled why Zander Greene and his business partner, Lauren Thibauld, had also provided money as a main event sponsor for the Faire. Afterall, wasn’t all that time and work enough from theme

So I asked (somewhat niavely) – Okay, so despite all this hard work, and I have no reckoning of most of it, why are you sponsoring events here, Zander, as a business?

Zander was as honest as ever about the incentives in providing sponsorship at the Faire from his own business (partnered with Lauren Thibauld, another master builder, and the creator of most of the Great Gates of the Faire which go up for auction later today).

Oh you’d be crazy not to toss a few thousand lindens in the kiosk to be a sponsor here at the Fantasy Faire.

I run a business here in SL and the thing is, I’m more concerned with WHO I build for than with how much I make building it.  When someone comes up to me and says ‘I saw your logo at the Faire and want to talk to you about a development’  I know that this is someone who cared enough to come to the Faire and look at whats really going on!  Thats someone I want to work for, work WITH!  And it happens a lot.

To be a sponsor for a major Relay for Life event is good for your heart AND for your business.

Zander Greene and Lauren Thibauld work and create as artists some fantastic builds. Their creativity and quality can be witnessed as you walk around Fantasy Faire, or historically, in the many images of the Faire retained on this website, or the Fantasy Faire Flickr group.

You will find many stunning large or small builds right across the Faire, as an indication of the work you will get if contracting Thibauld and Greene Industries through the Fantasy Faire.

SLURL : Thibauld and Greene Industries.

  1. For More on Zander Greene, you can see an interview with him over the Fantasy Faire, posted here.
  2. For more on Lauren Thibauld, you can see an interview with Lauren discussing her work on the Great Gates of the Faire, posted here.

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