The Arcanum

Sponsor of the Wings Wands and Wonders sim this year, The Arcanum is quite aptly magical. Enter via a central TP area and you are immediately presented with spell huds, avatar and clothing and magical enchanted items. The creator behind The Arcanum is Zachh Barkley, and he’s allowed me to share some details on his store for the Faire readers here.

The Arcanum

The Arcanum is a legendary sorcery shoppe located in the middle of the Wilderness of Incantation. The Arcanum’s purpose is to provide a unique experience to the fantasy genre of Second Life.  We sell everything from magical spell HUDs, enchantments, wands, spells and avatars. Our quality of magic is unmatched, as we strive to give fantasy/arcane enthusiasts the best experience possible.

We provide HUD’s and Systems that allow people to wield the elements, bend nature, and express their Will. Conjurations, Enchantments, Cantrips, Incantations, Potions, Charms, Wands and Wonder.     When you think Magic, Effects, Particles, and Power — the Arcanum is your one stop shop.

The Arcanum, your #1 Magical Resource in Second Life®.

I took a personal visit to The Arcanum and was thrilled with what I found. Set out in a medieval castle or fortress, The Arcanum features a central arrival hall, and two side halls which are full of avatars, clothing and magical items to take home. Fae music greets you on arrival, setting the scene for finding some spell huds created for the wizards, fae, charmed whitelighters and runemasters amongst us. And, of course, this is the home for the well-known Wishmaster hud.

In the Avatar and Clothing section you can find some detailed wizard and witch avatars (oh, and a witch’s hat) and in the magical enchantment tower you will find a magic broom amongst other items. Overlooked by large statues, your purchases at The Arcanum will assuredly be magical. As proof of this, whilst I was at the store, admiring a particular witch costume, a full regalia elf prince teleported in to take a look at the spell huds.

Located on a SIM called Incantation, The Arcanum offers an in-world group, magic lessons, and an external supporting website which also features blogging capabilities for its members and forums for discussion.There are no spells allowed inside the store, so The Arcanum provides a practise arena which includes a neutral visitors’ zone for non-aggressive spells, a spell testing area, a demonstration quadrant and a combat zone, all enforced with appropriate rules. Sitting out on the fountain in the visitor’s zone is actually a pleasant past-time, as I found.

Why is Zachh sponsoring the Fantasy Faire again this year?

I asked Zachh Barkley why he had decided to sponsor the Fantasy Faire (again) this year, and he was glad to share the following –

I sponsored last years Faire, and I wanted to continue to show my support this year.  I am a compassionate person, and I want as much as anyone else to help win the war against cancer.  What appeals to me? Seeing and Meeting all of the kind people involved with the faire. You get to meet people from all walks of life, and it’s thrilling to be apart of something so great – and even more so knowing that it will go torwards a very worthy cause.

SLurl : The Arcanum

Website : SL Magic


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