Mer Betta

[Mer Betta logo, used with permission]

There are so many styles and unique looks throughout all of Second Life. Nowhere is this more evident or on display than the little seen, yet slowly growing world, below the surface of the water. Second Life waters are full of a myriad and dazzling display of glorious sea life.

One of the best examples of the opulence and beauty of being a merrow can be found in Mer Betta. A popular and widely recognized shop to all mermaid and mermen. Mer Betta is a distinctive brand with a small but meticulously designed selection. These fin sets are based on real life betta fish and emulate their grace and elegance to perfection. Each fin set provides a wealth of options and easy customization. These are fins that are made for being noticed in and feeling truly majestic while floating through any Second Life waters.

[Opal Lei profile image, used with permission]

Opal Lei, owner and artistic creator behind Mer Betta is the sponsor of this year’s Mermaid Sim for the Fantasy Faire 2010.

Her mermaid history starts in 2007, when she decided on being a mermaid for an underwater themed party she was to attend. A somewhat futile attempt to locate a mermaid outfit to her satisfaction and liking, she replaced all but one piece of a purchased tail to develop the very first rough draft of what would come to be known as the very unique and distinctive look of Mer Betta fins.

The popularity of her outfit at the party and afterwards, while wearing it out and about, convinced her that there would be an appreciative market for her fins. She went back, improved the textures, and repeated everything for three more fin sets, and the Mer Betta brand was born.

[Mer Betta image, used with permission]

I got a chance to ask Opal Lei about her reasons for sponsoring the Mer Sim for this year’s Fantasy Faire 2010 and she graciously replied with a bit of her personal reasons for needing to be a part of this event.

“To be honest, I wasn’t planning to sponsor a sim, because finances are not easy these days; I originally signed up as one of the featured creators, instead. But several things happened in real life recently, including the fact that the older son of two of my dearest real-life friends was diagnosed with leukemia in late March. He’s eight years old. So when I saw the group notice that the mer sim was the only sim without a sponsor, I was compelled to respond. I believe in synchronicity, and that group notice, coupled with the RL events, felt like a personal message from a higher source. I know that makes me sound like a loony, but I never claimed to be sane anyway. ;) “ Mer Betta will be debuting the brand new Series 5 set of fins to the public on April 19th, during this year’s Fantasy Faire 2010.

[FF2010 image by Divergence Magic, wearing a Mer Betta Fin]

You can find Mer Betta in world here:
You can find out more about Mer Betta fins here:


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