Fondazione Connell Project

Fondazione Connell Project is sponsoring another SIM and an event this year, for the Fantasy Faire. Asia Connell was a main sponsor in 2009, and I was honoured to get hold of her via notecards to take a look at what the foundation has been up to this past year also. And of course, writing up this article gave me an opportunity to re-visit the Fondazione Connell Project in-world. This place is simply a joy and a  beautiful place ‘to be’.

Fondazione Connell Project

Now operating for two years, the Fondazione Connell Project is a foundation which lives both in Second Life, and in real life in Italy. Both ‘lives’ feature art exhibits to promote art, culture, and solidarity of the whole world. The purpose? To raise funds for specific charities, primarily concerned with children’s charities, and to help those affected by some major disasters or dis-privaledges across the world.

Asia Connell spoke last year of her passion for Second Life and what it can provide for all of us in the following quote from that article (URL below)-

She feels that the medium of Second Life is a very good way for people to establish communication together as it is natural for them to desire to do and to invent a better future together. Second Life spans the distances, bringing people together. The organization is set up to promote art, and through art, benefit children. Asia states “I’m very honoured that I can give a contribution to this battle (cancer research) and to Fantasy Faire 2009″.

This year, Asia Connell tells me they are currently in the planning stages for the year, and these goals will be much in line with what the foundation achieved last year – supporting no-profit organizations such as Unicef and Save the Children with donations from the visitors and events put on.

Asia gave me a fantastic quote about her own thoughts regarding both the Fondazione Connell Project and it’s natural tie-ins with the objectives of the Fantasy Faire this year which I’m printing here with her permission –

In rl I’m a journalist with a passion for art and children… so, when I founded Fondazione Connell Project it was a simple jump of my rl activities into sl.
In this direction, our choice to support Fantasy Faire is a sort of honour: we are proud to be giving a support for a so important initiative.
To put together real and virtual is the new frontier of communication in world.
I believe strongly that children are future, and that in a world so complicate and not easy, children come first of all.
My hope, and hope for many people, is the construction of a better world… so I believe that events as RFL and Fantasy Faire are very good steps in this direction.

I spent some time in-world at the Fondazione Connell Project to admire the installations and artwork exhibited there, and to find out more about the recent projects. Sculptures and mixed media presentations sit within gardens currently sporting spring blossom trees. Birdsong and moving water sounds provide the background to your viewing pleasure, even at The Gallery building which currently has an exposition of art called ‘Hyperworlds’. The project in Second Life gives you a space of repose and thought, whilst still connecting you with external real life.

The strapline to another Fondazione logo board is ‘Art for Children‘. Appropriately, then, I captured a snapshot of two child avatars dancing around the gardens enjoying the artwork at the same time I visited. I’ll leave you with that image.

More details can be found at the Fondazione Connell Project blog (URL below) or you can also join the group in-world.

URL : Introducing Asia Connell – this was the interview with Asia in 2009, for more details on the avatar behind Fondazione, and more on this project.

URL : Fondazione Connell Project website – for details on the charity and it’s objectives, events

SLurl : Fondazione Connell Project on Plush Omicron


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20 04 2010
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