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On 16th April, FF Writer darkevilone Demonia published this interview regarding Fallen Gods.

Today I finally managed to fight word press and add a wonderful interview from Alia Baroque the designer of Fallen gods. Second Life enables people to be at their most creative and Alia is one of those talented people.

Q1. Tell me a little about yourself and your business interests in Second Life, relevant to the Fantasy Faire itself?

There’s nothing My words can describe better than each person’s eyes when seeing what I do.
I communicate through My creations as genetics, appearance and Islands in this World. This is much of Me as it explains a lot and what I like to share. I try to follow My instinct and personal passion over any project and follow what I feel valuable and interests Me, as in this case is the Relay for Life Faire.

Q2 As a Fantasy Faire sponsor, what initially piqued your interest about sponsoring such an event?

I participated at the Faire last year and the experience was important for many reasons. The incredible organisation, the friendly team full of people I can call a friend since then, the major and enthusiastic response of visitors and most of all, the purpose of the Faire itself.

Q3 What is it about RFL / Friends fighting Cancer and the Fantasy Faire 2010 that you are particularly passionate about?

Being able to contribute in a relevant manner over something real, that can save lives as a further and future result, by what I create.

Q4 What are you really looking forward to with the Fantasy Faire this year?

Entertain who ever passes by Dark Realms with My amazing sense of aesthetics and insane concepts and hypnotize customers with RFL Vendor products, to donate as best each of them can…. wait, the question is “really” looking forward…. hmm, that’s something I shall not answer. (World domination takes small subtle steps…)

Q5. How did you get into fashion/creative design?

I never got into fashion design actually and probably never will. I studied a diploma in  school that had 3 directions: fashion, industrial design and visual communication, and illustration was under the last one. As a professional fantasy illustrator I guess this can explain that afterall had no other choice than throwing Myself into all creative possibilities Second Life had to offer when I first logged in, and skins were the most obvious finale for someone as Me that most of all loves to paint the human form and anatomy. Bodies in their unique conformation have always infinite solutions, muscles, expressions, light and shadows that make volumes almost touchable are My drug, and seeing people walk in My vision of beauty as the characters I like to create, and then they develop, is My Prize.

Q6.  Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion?

There is just one art, and that is Life.

Q7.  What skills do you need to be a fashion/creative designer?

Depends on what level you want to achieve, if it’s just finalized to Second Life or not, and if you want to be a Creative or  Business pack reseller.
My suggestions are to never stop over just one platform of creativity (Second Life), to never just focus on a precise tool of work (digital graphics softwares) and to never stick culturally over just one topic (Second Life designs).  Any field has a vast range of possibilities and each person must find tools and a level suitable to what they want to achieve, to their capabilities, enthusiasm, time and interest.
As conclusion, by what I have seen, to be a SL designer you might need NO skills at all, or a life of professional artistic, design and illustrative experience.

Q8. What inspires you to design?

Life, in all its highlights and shadows, in the past and future, in the true experience or imaginary.

Q9.  What are your favourite things you have made?

The Arcipelagus.

Q10.  What about fashion as a business?

Sometimes I look at the past with nostalgic eyes. There’s a big plus on leading a smaller business since less management work and similar. You have more silence, peace, time just to create and less responsibility over who follows and supports you by what you do. On the other side being loved for your works fills you, makes you go on with more passion and ideas. Leading a succesful business in Second Life is often a game of dice, that if they turn well then you need to apply yourself and make those numbers count, your reputation keep high and the creations keep flowing. For Me Fallen Gods Inc. is a rose with spiky thorns, but  I let My hands cut and give gladly to make it blossom.

Q11.  What advice would you give someone who wants to be a designer in SL.?

Enjoy the complete freedom, forget the usual boundaries and let your creativity flow.

Thankyou Alia for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me.

Fallen Gods

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