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Many of us know and love the designs found at Evie’s Closet, and fortunately for the Fantasy Faire this year, the designer behind the brand, Evangeline Miles has not only provided SIM sponsorship support with the Elvencourt SIM, but also has taken on a role within the Friends Fighting Cancer Team to endorse this Faire and its objectives this year.

Reknowned for stunning fae, elven and simply beautiful gowns and accessories, a trip to Evie’s Closet must be one made regularly for many female avatars on the grid. Set on the beautiful Oubliette SIM, Evie’s Closet often participates in hunts and provides various sales over the year. I can always guarantee personally that if I’m on the lookout for a stunning gown, Evie’s Closet will provide this for me. Little does Evangeline know, but I probably already own most gowns in her store, and am looking forward to seeing what she designs for the Fantasy Faire this year.

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An Interview with Evangeline Miles

Q1. I asked Evangeline to talk a little bit about Evie’s Closet.

I’ve been creating Fantasy Wear in Second Life since 2007.  After spending the first year of my SL shopping for myself, I decided there was an opening in the market for someone to start producing some more high-quality wardrobe choices for role play.

All of my designs are entirely original and my focus is aimed toward texture and attention to detail. Each piece is painstakingly constructed to ensure maximum wear-ability and quality.

I’m proud have gained a reputation for work that translates across a number of role play genres from Medieval and High Fantasy all the way through to Star Wars Sci-Fi, Gothic and even those who enjoy role playing as children. One of the most exciting parts of the process is seeing how somebody takes my work and builds on it, to create their own character.

Evie’s Closet enriches my First Life. I’m a single parent, and my work here allows me the freedom to be around for my 3 year old son who has special needs, as well as encouraging me to stretch my creative, marketing and business skills. I feel very, very lucky.

Q2 As a Fantasy Faire sponsor, what initially piqued your interest about sponsoring such an event?

I’m so fortunate to enjoy amazing support from both the Fashion and Fantasy communities of Second Life, and there are many, many individuals who have given me a helping hand towards building my business.

Sponsoring an event like the Fantasy Faire is one way of taking some of my success and paying it back into the community, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so, this year.

On a very personal note, I also lost my beautiful Sister-In-Law in late 2009, after her eight year battle with various cancers ended. This year, I really wanted to step up as a tribute to Anna. Relay for Life in Second Life gives me the chance to be pro-active, to feel useful, and to continue the fight on her behalf.

Q3 What is it about RFL / Friends fighting Cancer and the Fantasy Faire 2010 that you are particularly passionate about?

The Fantasy Community in Second Life is just such an amazing thing.

We provide the tools for people to build their fairy tales here, to live them, and to be whatever their imagination can conjure up, no matter what their real life circumstances may be. I’m proud to be a contributor towards that.

However, not every visitor to Second Life “gets” the concept or the benefits of role play, and not every person in our real lives can understand the attraction to spending time on a virtual social platform. I’m sure we’ve all come up against demonstrations of negativity.

Thanks to amazing events like the Fantasy Faire, we can show the Second Life Grid and our own wider “RL” network that we are significant, we are creative, we have incredible heart, and we are making a difference as we wear our tails, wings, ears, laser goggles, garb, fins or fangs.

Q4 What are you really looking forward to with the Fantasy Faire this year?

So many things!

I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing the unique and original builds which will be spread across all 9 sims in keeping with each region’s theme.

But probably the best thing for me, will be discovering new merchants among those who have registered for the event. I love to shop! Getting your name out there can be such a challenge in our weird and wonderful economic market and I just know there have got to be more amazing creators building incredible things that I haven’t already stumbled upon.

Lastly, as a content creator, you can often find yourself fairly insulated while you work and everybody else plays, so it’s also going to be great to reconnect with old friends who I’ve not touched base with in a while, and hopefully, make a bunch of new ones, too!


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