Introducing Earendil Lowenhart, a Fantasy Faire Event sponsor this year. Earendil shares his philosophy with us and some lovely furniture, prefabs, skyboxes, and gardens.

I’m Earendil Lowenhart. I’m half elf and half hobbit and I take that pretty seriously. My mother was elf and my father was a hobbit. By all accounts my mother was very beautiful and my father spent most of their married life standing on a box. This is my store.

Earendilia Antique Furniture & Garden Centre

How I feel.. .who I am.. in SL dictates what I make.

I make what I could never find when I joined. I make bizarre hanging gardens in the sky. I make secret forests that take up a tiny plot but feel totally real. I use the 2D nature of SL, in the sense that what we look at in one frame is 2D, then add to that the 3D to ‘cheat’ the viewer and make the avie feel they are in an enormous forest. Or desert.

Or I just create a nice log you can sit or cuddle on.

I have a partner in SL and it is so special to me. He despairs of what I make, but admits that it sells. I started making antiques when I couldn’t find the exact piece I needed to go in our home. I still make antiques and many of them are constructed from real pieces in my parent’s home. A few in my home.. but I am not rich. I just got those handed down. You know how it is with Elves.. and Hobbits….


My favourite things in SL? Coming across something I made. That is awesome.

When someone says. ‘I love what you make.’ That is lovely.

Finding someone I connect with. Making a difference. Helping noobies ( have a noobie store as well, Earendil’s Freebie / Dollarbie Paradise )

I love being in SL. I love the opportunity to create.

In RL? Well? Hmm. I am writer, director. And I design sets for the theatre.

But mostly I am a Helf. That is half elf, half hobbit.


Little did he know, but while Earendilia was enjoying the Fireshow at central stage of Fantasy Faire, I snuck off to take a look at Earendilia, the store. So here’s some extra pictures showing the quality of products you can find both in vintage furniture and gardening goods. I could live in that Elven forest forever, or perhaps the Hanging Gardens? I simply couldn’t choose…no, I did – the Elven forest lulled me into love. (Excuse the regalia, I hadn’t had time to change from my FF hostessing outfit before finding out about Earendil’s sponsorship).


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