Our huge thanks go to the following main sponsors of the Fantasy Faire 2010. Please follow the links provided for more information and personal interviews with the creators and designers who have sponsored our SIMs and events this year.

Index of Sponsors


Link –> Read Details and an Interview with Earendilia designer, Earendil Lowenhart

Slurl for Earendilia

Event Sponsor

Evie’s Closet

Link –> Read Details and an Interview with Evie’s Closet designer, Evangeline Miles

Slurl for Evie’s Closet

SIM Sponsor :

Fallen Gods

Link –> Read An interview with Fallen Gods creator, Alia Baroque

Slurl for Fallen Gods Inc

SIM Sponsor :

Dark Realms
Fantavatar and Moonstruck

Link –> Read Details and an Interview with Fantavatar and Moonstruck creator, Luna Barak

Slurl for Fantavatar Avatars

Slurl for Moonstruck

SIM Sponsor :

Fondazione Connell Project

Link –> Read an interview with Asia Connell and details on the Fondazione Connell Project

Slurl for Fondazoine Connell Project

SIM Sponsor :

  • SciFi Sector
  • Fantasy Faire Central

Event Sponsor

Fairy Unique Designs

Link –> Read Details and an Interview with FUD Creator, HappyHolly Grigges

Slurl for FUD

SIM Sponsor :

Via Obscurium
Mer Betta

Link –> Read Details and an Interview with Mer Betta creator, Opal Lei

Slurl for Mer Betta

SIM Sponsor :

Mer Market
Sassy Kitty Designs

Link –> Read a brief review of Sassy Kitty Designs

Slurl for Sassy Kitty Designs

SIM Sponsor :

Neko Industrial Park
The Arcanum

Link –> Read a brief review of The Arcanum

Slurl for The Arcanum

SIM Sponsor :

Wings Wands Wonders
Thibauld Greene Industries

Link –> Read a brief blurb about TGI which includes links to interviews with Zander Greene and Lauren Thibauld

Slurl for TGI

Event Sponsor

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