Events | 25 April Sunday

Sadly we’ve come to our closing day of Fantasy Faire 2010, but we’re going out with a blast from three wonderful performance events, including the return of ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow at 1pm SLT, and the popular chance to bid for those fantastic Fantasy Faire gates.

Please come to support all the wonderful artists and performers who have generously given of their time and work to support the Fantasy Faire and to benefit Relay for Life.

1:oo PM

Sid Slade

Live artist

1:oo PM


2:30 PM

Maximillion Kleene

SL Live Musician

I stream into SL from Niagara Falls, Canada and sing Rock/Pop/Alternative solo acoustic tunes covering old classics (CCR to Johnny Cash) to fun, newer hip stuff (Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Jason Mraz).

3:30 PM

Mich Rumpler

Mich Rumpler mainly plays classic rock ballads from the 70’s.

SL has given Mich an opportunity to belt out his tunes with soul and emotion.

5:00 PM


7:00 PM

Cutting Edge Production

ZZ Top show


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