Events | 24 April Saturday

Five performances to entertain you this Saturday at Fantasy Faire 2010, providing various styles including a Rock Band at noon! Today is your last chance to bid at the Fantasy Faire auctions – these close at 6pm tonight.

Please come to support all the wonderful artists and performers who have generously given of their time and work to support the Fantasy Faire and to benefit Relay for Life.

11:oo AM ChelseaMarie Noel

ChelseaMarie Noel  was born and raised and still lives in the New England area.

She has been singing on various internet programs for six years.

12:00 PM


You love to be rocked and romanced?  Be sure to see one of our shows!!

2:00 PM

DJ Aryon Dagger

3:00 PM

DJ Aryon Dagger

5:00 PM

Last chance to bid at the Fantasy Faire auctions

6:00 PM


7:00 PM

NewBawn Easterwood

Newbawn is from London but loves people for who they are rather than where they’re from.

His shows are about having a laugh, chilling with friends and squeezing in some quality music – so if thats your thang then come n see us :¬]


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