Events | 23 April Friday

Several artists to entertain you this Friday at Fantasy Faire 2010, including a live voice play at 2pm (updated just before 2pm)

Please come to support all the wonderful artists and performers who have generously given of their time and work to support the Fantasy Faire and to benefit Relay for Life.

11 AM
DJ Bbal Braveheart – roaming the sims
12 PM
DJ Bbal Braveheart – roaming the sims
2:oo PM The Fire (live play in voice) – Fantasy Faire Central stage

See Below for Details

4:oo PM DJ KPJR821 Jonson
5:00 PM
DJ KPJR821 Jonson
7:00 PM

Paul Nowles

Paul Nowles’ performances include Classic Rock to Alternative with a few ballads thrown in for good measure!!!

After his first month in SL he has been honored by being added to the The Second Life Music Hall of Fame.

8:00 PM

Duzzy Ryder

Influenced by gospel and blues and his years of formal voice training in church and university, Duzzy sings with a strong soulful lyric baritone voice.

The Fire (Live Voice Play)

Inspired by Simon Schama’s Citizens.

Lights up to reveal present day Frankey on a Paris field trip. He meets Pete. They visit 1789. The Fire is an 18th century tale of murder, mystery, and mayhem set against the backdrop of the french revolution. It is a story of Grain verses Gold.

Pete- The hero
Marie- Pete’s wife
Frances-Pete’s daughter
Frankey- 2010 student, a brat
Anet-Frankey’s crush
Mrs. Talleyrand-Frankey’s teacher
Simon-a peasant
Gabriel-a peasant
Theroigne-a peasant woman
Pierrette- a peasant woman
Baronne- A rich woman
Gertrude- A rich woman
Girondin Veteran- A wise man
Prison Guard 1
Prison Guard 2
King’s servant


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