Events | 20 April Tuesday

Tuesdays schedule for Fantasy Faire 2010 features plenty of performer talent for you. We also have our media sponsors, Treet TV to look forward to tonight.

Please come to support all the wonderful artists and performers who have generously given of their time and work to support the Fantasy Faire and to benefit Relay for Life.

10:00 AM

Guitarman Flannagan

I have no typical style of music,I just play what I think sounds good with only a guitar and a voice without backing tracks. I performed rl at partys and social events in the  village i used to live. Here in SL  I´m at the beginning again.  It´s a lot of fun for me making music !

11:00 AM DJ Bball Braveheart
2:oo PM DJ Aryon Dagger
3:00 PM
DJ Aryon Dagger
5:00 PM
Eliz Watanabe

Eliz has been performing in second life for two years now and loving every minute of it.  ELiz loves all kinds of music and loves to sing country, pop, jazz and lots of love songs and even a blues number or two along with some broadway tunes mixed in.

9:00 PM

Gregg Huet
Treet TV
‘Live and Kicking’

Gregg Huet performs live at the Fantasy Faire and for Treet TV’s ‘Live ‘N Kicking’ show.


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