Ember Farina’s Fantasy Faire Acknowledgements

26 04 2010

Ember Farina is a conundrum. As the Fantasy Faire Team Captain and Friends Fighting Cancer executive team member, Ember embodies all that the Fantasy Faire requires in leading, managing and administering the many other dedicated workers involved in making the fantasy a reality; and of course, in liasing with the many generous creators providing goods at the Faire. But take away that public persona of duty and fundamental dedication to making the Faire work, and you find somebody equally dedicated to not being interviewed or not having her photograph taken.

My interview with Ember Farina took four hours, a record created due to both busy-ness from her side, and some real life interruptions from both. But mostly because, as Ember admitted, her SL inbox was still filling up with IM’s, emergencies to deal with, notecards and general requests, even on the last public day for the Fantasy Faire.

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A Message from the Fantasy Faire Creative Director (and a Main Sponsor)

25 04 2010

Zander Greene is one of the executive team members who created (both literally and figuratively) the Fantasy Faire for all of us to experience again this year. You may have noticed Zander around the Faire in several roles – from that of flying around the Faire SIMs dishing out prizes as a Low Lag Fairy, to entertainment announcer and host on the main stage at FF Central. What you don’t get to see is the sheer depth of enthusiasm and positivity Zander radiates about the Faire, and the opportunities within it for all of us.

I was fortunate enough to interview Zander late my night last night, while Zander flew that ‘flight’ dance in FF-purple angel wings, dipping up and down above the Main Stage while DJ Aryon Dagger played below.

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Watch us on Flickr

1 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire Flickr group is now open, and worth watching. This website will be feeding through Flickr images whilst our bloggers and photographers attend the Faire, and you will also find a Flickr stream on the sidebar here. Ember Farina encourages you to also use the Flickr group for your own images of the Fantasy Faire 2010, plus – of course – there’s a photo competition coming up!

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Interview with the Fantasy Faire Poster Girl

19 03 2010

Absinthe Primrose is, for want of a better word, our cover model for the Fantasy Faire 2010. That’s her – dressed in full fantastic regalia in the cover posters and headers for the Faire.

But that section of the picture is only half of it. Below the beautiful skin, and metal armour detail is a full  warrior centaur outfit, shared by Absinthe on her Flickr feed http://www.flickr.com/photos/absintheprimrose/4385888294/ (and now here also).

This Centaur Warrior look was used for the “Fantasy Faire 2010” poster  for Relay For Life / Friends Fighting Cancer to Benefit RFL. The Faire will be running from April 19th to 25th.

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