Ember Farina’s Fantasy Faire Acknowledgements

26 04 2010

Ember Farina is a conundrum. As the Fantasy Faire Team Captain and Friends Fighting Cancer executive team member, Ember embodies all that the Fantasy Faire requires in leading, managing and administering the many other dedicated workers involved in making the fantasy a reality; and of course, in liasing with the many generous creators providing goods at the Faire. But take away that public persona of duty and fundamental dedication to making the Faire work, and you find somebody equally dedicated to not being interviewed or not having her photograph taken.

My interview with Ember Farina took four hours, a record created due to both busy-ness from her side, and some real life interruptions from both. But mostly because, as Ember admitted, her SL inbox was still filling up with IM’s, emergencies to deal with, notecards and general requests, even on the last public day for the Fantasy Faire.

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2 Million 6 Hundred Lindens

25 04 2010

Yes, you read that right – the Fantasy Faire 2010 has just this minute hit L$2,000,600, raising funds for Relay for Life.

There’s still time to take part, in both the entertainment and in the shopping and fantasy experience.

Fantasy Faire 2010 closes tonight, but there’s still plenty of time to join us, in celebrating and in the Fantasy.

Your TP : Fantasy Faire Central

Fantasy Faire Top Pick on Showcase

22 04 2010

At the end of Day 3 – Wednesday, we had some exciting news –

  1. Friends Fighting Cancer were rapt to announce that we have raised over $1.25 million Lindens! That’s 25% more than at the end of the Faire Last year!
  2. If you pull up the Showcase (Search Showcase in world) or the SL website you’ll see that the Fantasy Faire is the NUMBER 1 EDITOR’S CHOICE!

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central

Note – I used the image found on the Showcase and Destination Guides for the editors choice. Oddly, that’s me in blue playing at hostess for one of the events. Perhaps that’s my own 15 minutes of linden fame for my slife.

Featured Designer: Mer-Elf Creations

21 04 2010

Mer-Elf Creations by Morgaine Price
Find her store featured on the Elvencourt RFL sim by Evie`s Closet

So many info’s where to start..?

– 25 LS Sale on all purple items and 100 LS on fatpacks until wednesday

– 2 great dollarbies

– 4 Beautiful RFL items

New mainstore opening on April, 24
  To celebrate, there is going to be a party, and several special events going on .
There will be a 30 L lucky dip in which you can win several limited edition items which you wont be able to get anywere else. You can try your luck for a discounted 30 L , or buy the limited edition items at their full price ! More details on the items later !
There will also be a lucky cupcake style prize giveaway were you can win free limited edition items made just for this event ! So spread the word and bring your friends !
– Photocontest “Spring” For info about it please visit the store on the fair and hit the info board 🙂
– Mer-Elf Creations Sand Dollar Sweepstakes 
All you have to do is turn in your collected sand dollars in to me by the 28th of April in a folder titled Sand Dollar- you name  The two people with the most sand dollars at the end of the sweepstakes win !  For more info about it please visit the store on the fair and hit the info board 🙂 PS.: RFL items include 5 sand dollars

FFC and Fantasy Faire Break 1 Million Lindens for RFL

21 04 2010

Take a look at the total for Fantasy Faire so far. You’ll spot the total overtop of the donation kiosks scattered all over Fantasy Faire 2010.

Team: Friends Fighting Cancer
Team Total : $113967 (and it changed as I wrote this!)

Yes. That’s 1.1 million lindens. As at 3am Wednesday The Fantasy Faire, thanks to the generous sponsors, creators, entertainers giving of their time, and hardworking Friends Fighting Cancer team – oh, and the many shoppers visiting the Faire – we’ve all so far raised 1.1M for Relay for Life.

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central – start your fantasy journey here.

Why I Relay

13 04 2010


The Fantasy Faire and Friends Fighting Cancer all are working for the same thing – supporting RFL. Lately you have two different ways of telling us all WHY YOU RELAY for LIFE. You can do it via sound or simply an image. Here are the details for how to share your own personal stories on why you support RFL of SL, and the many events put on to aid this cause.

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Fantasy Faire Press Release

13 04 2010

This is our new logo for 2010, designed by Kate Sakai.
You will see this logo being used around the Fantasy Faire, and on the low-lag clothing available at the Faire.

* * Fantasy Faire 2010, April 19 – 25th * *

Proudly brought to you by

Friends Fighting Cancer

Strong!  Together!

Making wishes come true!

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