Fantasy Faire Raises 2.5 Million Lindens

26 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire 2010 is coming to an end, we’ve raised an AMAZING amount of money (2,567,706 linden) and it’s all because of YOU!

THANK YOU to the amazing team members of Friends Fighting Cancer, the builders, landscapers, creators, sponsors, entertainers and shoppers for making it so wonderful!

FFC Fantasy Faire


Ember Farina’s Fantasy Faire Acknowledgements

26 04 2010

Ember Farina is a conundrum. As the Fantasy Faire Team Captain and Friends Fighting Cancer executive team member, Ember embodies all that the Fantasy Faire requires in leading, managing and administering the many other dedicated workers involved in making the fantasy a reality; and of course, in liasing with the many generous creators providing goods at the Faire. But take away that public persona of duty and fundamental dedication to making the Faire work, and you find somebody equally dedicated to not being interviewed or not having her photograph taken.

My interview with Ember Farina took four hours, a record created due to both busy-ness from her side, and some real life interruptions from both. But mostly because, as Ember admitted, her SL inbox was still filling up with IM’s, emergencies to deal with, notecards and general requests, even on the last public day for the Fantasy Faire.

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