A Message from the Fantasy Faire Creative Director (and a Main Sponsor)

25 04 2010

Zander Greene is one of the executive team members who created (both literally and figuratively) the Fantasy Faire for all of us to experience again this year. You may have noticed Zander around the Faire in several roles – from that of flying around the Faire SIMs dishing out prizes as a Low Lag Fairy, to entertainment announcer and host on the main stage at FF Central. What you don’t get to see is the sheer depth of enthusiasm and positivity Zander radiates about the Faire, and the opportunities within it for all of us.

I was fortunate enough to interview Zander late my night last night, while Zander flew that ‘flight’ dance in FF-purple angel wings, dipping up and down above the Main Stage while DJ Aryon Dagger played below.

I chose the above portrait of Zander for a reason. Despite getting a very nice shot of Zander alone in the sky, which was nicely detailed, I chose this crowd shot of the stage event Zander and I were attending during the interview. The other snapshot may have shown Zander Greene with more detail, as the subject of this interview. However, Zander Greene should be shown in an environment he belongs in, not alone, because the Fantasy Faire was created to be shared with friends and visitors alike – they make up as much of the Faire as he alone does, and they belong in the same snapshot.

As an interviewer and writer, I could have easily slanted this post around to talk about hard work, dedication or some of the administration elements which make up the Faire, but Zander’s personality led me to having the ability, on this last day of the Fantasy Faire, to provide a documentation of the reason sitting behind this Faire. It put into words the feelings and motivation that you will find within all the Fantasy Faire team members, and in many of the visitors to this Faire, and that of any other RFL event in Second Life.

What the following does not portray is the humour that Zander possesses. For a shot of that, you need only join the Fantasy Faire group in-world, to get a sense of the general ribaldry which can exist amongst some serious topics and a great Fantasy. Zander is quick witted and fast in his praise. He and Ember Farina, the Team Captain for Fantasy Faire, are part of what makes me want to be a small part of this whole big thing.

So, let’s start with that interview, finally, shall we…

1. As Creative Director of the Fantasy Faire, what’s your favourite bit – and don’t tell me it’s being the lag fairy…

LOL No thats my least favorite part haha  My favorite part is getting through the list of to-do’s everyday and getting to wander around and experience this incredible event like a visitor does.  The way the creators make every shop so special, so distinct, the beautiful landscaping, the people all here to suppport Relay for Life….its all so inspiring and humbling

2. But tell me why Fantasy? The FFC team have been doing this for 2 years now. Why Fantasy?

I hoped someone would ask that question!

The answer is sort of the same as the answer to the queston ‘Why does the Fantasy Faire Relay?”

We believe that there is a magic inside of everyone of us.  Its the part we touch in with when we come to this beautiful world we share called SL, and its that creative, resourceful side of us that we need most when we face a challenge like fighting cancer.

We need hope, to believe.

That the side of us that will beat this thing.  Our imaginative spirit will see us through this battle and we want the Fantasy Faire to nurture that side of people who visit.

3. I’m one of the few people I know who has come to SL to ‘NOT CREATE’, simply consume of the beauty and energy of the place. I rarely get the chance to meet people considered to be master creators or builders here. I see that of you and the other builders here at Fantasy Faire, like Lauren…is that powerful for you, to be able to provide something of yourself so viscally and for such a cause?

Oh goodness yes!  I can’t cure a head cold BUT I can come here and be the best part of myself, bring my love of the arts to this cause and at the end of the Faire, tired as I am, I feel like I’m 2.5m tall in RL!

And feel that I’m helping to bring us closer to a cure!

4. Doesn’t that open you up to some vulnerbility also? Putting yourself out there like that…

This would be an emotional experience even if it were not for RFL.  Its so much work and you get worn down a bit and here come the waterworks haha BUT

When you take a moment to step back, and remember why we do this

It takes your breath away

5. Yes. It does. I believe most of the Faire visitors understand that also. For some reason, the Fantasy touches closely on the reality of our situations…

Too many understand it all too well.  I wish I had to explain it to MORE people, why we’re here, why we Relay.  But cancer has made enemies of us all and when people see that RFL logo it stirs feelings, memories that you don’t shake no matter how much time goes by.  This damn disease has got to go and to share this goal with the world…you know on the one hand you say thank goodness so many people care about this issue but then you remember that they care because they’ve lost, they’ve suffered.  If it doesn’t make you weep then you’re in need of a new heart with better scripting.

6.  PacificBlue Hanly: So, are you ready to tell me which part of all of this is your favourite…

[14:28]  Zander Greene: LOL

[14:28]  PacificBlue Hanly: no…let me guess

[14:29]  Zander Greene: Help! I’m being trapped!!

[14:29]  PacificBlue Hanly: This part? This final part. The people coming…

[14:30]  PacificBlue Hanly: Despite your joy at the creation process, it’s the people and the entertainment, and seeing people here relaying? How close am I?

[14:30]  PacificBlue Hanly: Or how far?

[14:30]  Zander Greene: If you were closer we’d be one.  And indeed we all are.  Thats the real magic and its no damn fantasy.

Interviewers Note : Despite Zander complementing me on the interview, and my several attempts within it to speak about the length of time in creating the Fantasy Faire (and the actual building) you can probably get the feeling from the above questions and answers that it was Zander who remained firmly in control of both the interview and the message he wanted to get across to Faire goers.

If you meet Zander Greene, you meet someone who manages to not only control his world but do it forcefully with geniune emotion. He has turned loss and a disease into something incredibly powerful and motivating. He uses the term, ‘My Friend’ a lot, and Zander means it.

I was left with an impression that cancer had affected Zander deeply in real life somehow, but he’d turned this around into a positive and emotional force to be reckoned with. As with the other Friends Fighting Cancer team members, Zander lives the Fantasy but with purpose. It is perhaps not coincidence that the several times I’ve seen Zander around, he has chosen to wear angel wings in relay purple.But despite this angelic or perhaps figuratively god-like appearance, let’s not forget that although he’s waivered away talk about the work involved behind the scenes – for a year – on the Fantasy Faire, Zander Greene remains one of the hardest workers I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He is constantly administrating the Faire itself, and as it comes to an end for another year, he has not slept much this week at all.

Zander Greene is the Relay for Life, for me at least. And that makes it incredibly awesome to play even a minor part in the making of the Faire myself. As we all can, simply by coming along.

7. So, ending this (for the sake of a nap) – is there anything, Zander Greene, that you would like to say to the readers of the FF website?

I want to thank everyone. Whether you’ve been working to make this possible, or gave something wonderful to the auction, or played a concert, or wrote a blog, or did oneof 10,000 jobs that HAVE to be done to make this possible.

You all are my reason to Relay.

And especially to every soul who came and visited the Fantasy Faire, bought something from one of the RFL vendors or gave to a RFL kiosk.    I want every soul who has been a part of this to know that you have made a difference.  You have saved lives, eased suffering and brought us ever closer to granting the world’s wish for a cure.

Thibauld and Greene Industries

Given his role within the Fantasy Faire itself, on the Executive team for Friends Fighting Cancer, and as a master builder of many of the components making up the Faire, I was puzzled why Zander and his business partner, Lauren Thibauld, had also provided money as a main event sponsor for the Faire. Afterall, wasn’t all that time and work enough from him?

So I asked (somewhat niavely) – Okay, so despite all this hard work, and I have no reckoning of most of it, why are you sponsoring events here, Zander, as a business?

Zander was as honest as ever about the incentives in providing sponsorship at the Faire from his own business (partnered with Lauren Thibauld, another master builder, and the creator of most of the Great Gates of the Faire which go up for auction later today).

Oh you’d be crazy not to toss a few thousand lindens in the kiosk to be a sponsor here at the Fantasy Faire.

I run a business here in SL and the thing is, I’m more concerned with WHO I build for than with how much I make building it.  When someone comes up to me and says ‘I saw your logo at the Faire and want to talk to you about a development’  I know that this is someone who cared enough to come to the Faire and look at whats really going on!  Thats someone I want to work for, work WITH!  And it happens a lot.

To be a sponsor for a major Relay for Life event is good for your heart AND for your business.

Zander Greene and Lauren Thibauld work and create as artists some fantastic builds. Their creativity and quality can be witnessed as you walk around the Faire. My favourite own build – aside from those found on the Sector SciFi SIM –  is actually the Fantasy Faire Central Stage itself, where the above interview took place. This is a spectacular sky-globe with central platforms and surrounding seating to sit back to enjoy the entertainment and live acts.

You will find many stunning large or small builds right across the Faire, as an indication of the work you will get if contracting Thibauld and Greene Industries through the Fantasy Faire.

SLURL : Thibauld and Greene Industries.




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