One and a Half Days to Go

24 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire has only a day and a half to go, but what a day and a half. Entertainment, RFL items at every creator store, and prizes. Nows a good time to come shopping, and to admire the SIMs before they are pulled down.

  • Tonight – 6pm, is the closing of the Fantasy Faire Auctions, so if you have your eye on one or two fabulous items, get in there fast. Fantasy Faire Auction
  • Tomorrow (Sunday) there is another show of the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow at 1pm. Fantasy Faire Central Stage
  • And at 5pm, the Fantasy Faire Great Gates will be auctioned off in a live auction. Fantasy Faire Central Stage
  • Don’t forget that as you go around the Faire, look out for purple or aqua ribbons hidden across the SIMs – these are free prizes provided by our generous creators.



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