Avatopia – Moonstruck and Fantavatar

24 04 2010

I know, I know.  The Fantasy Faire has been going on for a while, but I had a speech to do for class, and I just finished it.  So I decided to visit the Avatopia sim.  My first stop was my girl Luna Barak’s Moonstruck and Fantavatar.  Moonstruck was Luna’s first venture; the store has beautiful fantasy costumes.

Above and below are some examples of the female costumes.  Gourgous, right?

Then I went downstairs to check it out.  Fantavatar is for full fantasy avatars.  Being an elf, I was interested. And there was so much to look at!  There are male and female avatars.  There are faun, elf,  and fairy avatars.  Luna also offers hair made to match her avatars!

I’ll definitely be exploring Avatopia and the rest of Fantasy Faire.






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