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23 04 2010

I’ve just got to say it, no matter how wonderful all other SIMs at Fantasy Faire are this year, I personally think the SciFi Sector surpasses all for pure beauty. I absolutely adore the SIM design, and of course, being a SciFi fan, I’m in futuristic heaven when I step onto SciFi.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a kiwi (New Zealander) and there are giant fern fronds, leafy ground ferns, and prehistoric giant trees – maybe that’s why – it reminds me of my home country. Perhaps it’s my meeting that first night with Asia Connell, who had just finished off setting out her flagship area on SciFi, I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s all the other creators on the SIM, supplying my own addiction for new futuristic skins, clothings or landscaping? Either way, I took a lot of photos.

Fondazione Connell Project

Asia Connell is the main sponsor of SciFi Sector (and the Fantasy Faire Central and an event, by the way) and the Fondazione Connell Project display, based centre of the SIM, is a simple eloquent spot which blends into the lush landscaping leading up to it from the SciFi sector gates. I was out a few nights ago, photographing the SIM for this piece when I happened to meet Asia having just finished taking her own photos. Asia was dec’ed out in blue skin and beautiful shimmery dress, inspiring me go out seeking a similar look myself (don’t tell her I said that!). She spoke of her pride in the SIM, and her own thanks expressed to the landscapers and SIM architects for this area of the Fantasy Faire. And well she might, because the following photographs will show you just how stunning the place is.

–> For More on the Fondazione Connell Project please read the sponsor interview with Asia, and my own exploration of the Project itself.

Sector SciFi

The Sector SciFi SIM was landscaped by artists and creators Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen using landscaping sculpty terrain packs supplied by Toysoldier Thor. Much of the natural landscaping used – the trees, ferns, glowing bushes and neon flowers – can be purchased from the two featured stores of Celebration of Light’ which you will find in the primary corner of the SIM. Some of it is Sharni’s own work, of course.

The above images, plus many more taken by some wonderful SL photographers and bloggers, can be seen in high detail shared on the Fantasy Faire Flickr pool.

Creators and Shopping

The SIM is also full of some wonderful creators appealing to many markets, and both (or more) genders.

ND/MD Skins have their futuristic skins on display there, which includes some new Galaxia Cyborg skins, the new range of Avalon Elven skins (these are also Fantasy Faire auction items) and two skins as RFL items.Many of these have already been featured either on this website, or across the blogosphere.

Black Knight has enough power armour to keep any alien invasion down. The BK-Powered Armor with Parachute Pack is a sizable RFL item also. The Black Knight store is a featured store on the SIM, and makes for a war-like juxtapose to the peacefulness opposite found at the Fondazione Connell Project.

Another awe-inspiring store in starlight blue has to be Oran at the end of one wing of the SIM. I fell in love with the Thorn Productions alien six-legged, four eyed deer I found there – in fact, some of them slipped into my full SIM photo montage.

Opposite Oran there is Forest Feast, displaying some exquisite sparkling ground covers and plants for your alien or fae SIMs. (RU) Works has some wonderful girly hardsuits, the best of which, in white  with purple detailing, is a RFL item. Londium Gearworks has the Helikitty shoulder pet out as an RFL item (I have one of those!) and many other items and prefabs for the cyber-steam side of you. And of course – tiny avatar Na’veenies seem quite popular.

And Eerandilia (one of our main sponsors) has a store full of the most beautiful prefabs (I fell in love with the mystic elven rainforest one, when writing about Earandilia as a sponsor). Look up into the sky above the stores on the Sector SciFi – there you’ll find several floating islands in the lush theme of the SIM, including the Na’Avi Hanging Garden with Lake (I spent some time in it).

At the corner opposite the Fondazione Connell Project you will find two more stores of our featured creators, and oh, what I found! Wings, swings, fantasy prefabs, and a whole forest of glittery trees can be found at Celebration of Light’s Mindgardens Creations. I love the Cloud9 pods you can also purchase there, readymade fantasy and naturalistic skypods. Next door I found those wonderful giant fern fronds, the giant ‘Great Tree’ and several large floating islands used to landscape the Sector SciFi SIM (and skies) so successfully. These can be yours too, if you shop at the Celebration of Light’s Sharni’s Serendipity, Daydreams & Deeper Muse. Check out the RFL items out the front of both of these shops too, and beware of the Squidgy Monster.

After spending way too long at the Celebration of Light stores, I dragged myself along (okay, I flew along, because that’s what you do at SciFi, right?) to the remainder stores at Sector SciFi. Tribal Soul has many blue cat skins, and complementary prim babies for Avatar fans, including one as an RFL item. GN has a small range of armoured cyborg anime type avatars, and some very cool motorcycle-like vehicles. The Art of Matthew J Root is truly stunning, and not just for SciFi fans – most fantasy themes are catered for with well-framed artworks. United Federation Starfleet has exactly what you might expect, including some alien skins. Starship Jefferson’s Quality Textures has – yes, nice textures, plus some freebies to pick up – which includes a box of Daleks. Star Journey offers objects to add to the karma or ambiance of your home.

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