FF Auction Item – MO-Photastic HUD – Mystical

23 04 2010

Lunaria Eclipse of Moonlight Obsession has provided three prizes as Fantasy Faire auction items this year. This is the first – a MO-Photastic HUD with Mystical photo frames. Bid for this at the Fantasy Faire Central Auction.

This is quite simple and you will be amazed with the beautiful pics you can create from the MO-Photastic HUD’s.

1. Always remove all your On Screen Huds first, this includes Mysti.  Most are hidden quite well beneatht he frame though so check it first before you remove ao’s and others.

2. Right Click and Wear your HUD.  It will attach to the Center of your screen.  -I know they are awesome :)-

3. Click Snapshot then make sure you CHECK “Show HUD” If you do not click this the photastic frame will not show in the pictures you are taking 🙂

4. Right click and hold alt and move your mouse to center/focus the shot you wish to take

5.  Snap your Picture!! UPload and YAY!! A gorgeous Photo of you, family and friends in a frame :).

6. Now change the Texture…simply click on the screen for the next!!

Any Questions feel free to IM me Lunaria Eclipse

Moonlight Obsession




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