FF Auction Item – Mermaid Villanelle in Limited Colour

23 04 2010

Forest Feast provides this limited colour Mermaid called Villanelle as a Fantasy Faire Auction item. Bid for this at the Fantasy Faire Central Auction.

This is RFL auction limitation color.


top scale (under layer / tattoo layer)
bottom_Scale (under layer / tattoo layer)
top (under layer / shirt layer / jacket layer)
bottom tail under (under layer / pants layer)
Fish’s tail (skirt layer)
tail foot (socks layer / Foot Alpha Layer)

Gills fin (L)(R)
Ame fin (L)(R)
Caudal fin (foot)
Caudal fin (M size)(L size)
Fin_leg (L size) (L)(R)
Fin_leg (M size) (L)(R)
Pelvis ring
Pelvis ring (simple)

!!!!  AO not included
!!!!  Foot Alpha Layer and tattoo layer can be used with Viewer 2.

== forest feast = mikatsuki Matova – miki Morigi ==




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