FF Auction Item – ‘Forest of Dreams’ Sculpture

23 04 2010

Sharni Azalee has generously donated the animated sculpture, ‘Forest of Dreams’ as a Fantasy Faire Auction item. Absolutely stunning – you can bid for this at the Fantasy Faire Central. Auction. Details below –

The UWA Art & Design Challenge
Peoples Choice Award

Exhibit in the s/l r/l Treeline exhibition

Artist/Builder: Sharni Azalee

Forest of Dreams

“When life’s troubles are far beyond the moments of time.  Walk with belief and behold the forest of dreams.”

I hope you enjoy my piece “Forest of Dreams”, it represents to me a space I escape to to create in S/L and forget the troubles of the world.  Being from Western Australia, the piece has been influenced by a few of our native plants:

The Boab tree : Every boab tree is unique. They have character and personality as you would expect of such an ancient creature. Some individual boab trees are 1500 years old and older, which makes them the oldest living beings in Australia, and puts them amongst the oldest in the world.  Aboriginals used the giants as shelter, food and medicine.

The Bottle Brush : Bottlebrushes (Callistemon spp.) are among the hardiest of Australian native plants. They are long lived, require minimal maintenance and are almost impossible to kill. The flowers attract native birds, especially honey eaters, and reward the gardener with extraordinary amounts of colour.

The Pin Cushion Hakea : Hakea laurina is one of the most admired native plants of south-western Australia, it has beautiful pin cushion like flower heads and is special as it flowers in Autumn and Winter, bringing beauty in a normally dormant time of the year.

The Acorn : Although not native, represented to me both the begining of new life and the eternal circle of life.

May you find love and peace in your own Forest of Dreams
xxxx Sharni




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