FF Auction Item – FF RFL Rosepetalbrella

23 04 2010

Weather or Not has created this exclusive coloured purple umbrella just for the Fantasy Faire auction. Bid for this at the Fantasy Faire Central Auction.

Thank you for supporting the Fantasy Faire 2010 RFL Auction!

Your Purple Rosepetalbrella is a one of a kind item and will not be offered in this combination again. We created the special purple addition just for this event and you are the sole owner. Congratulations!

Our umbrellas include the following features:

COLOR CHANGE FABRIC – just click the top of the umbrella and a menu will appear, allowing you to choose a new color.
DUAL PARTICLE SYSTEMS – for each effect, such as ‘Snow’ the umbrella releases two different types of particles, making for a richer, more interesting weather pattern. Each effect is tailored for expressiveness. For instance, the Leaf particles blow in the wind, whereas the Frog particles jump back up off the ground. 🙂
STRONG HOLD POSE – the holding pose animation is highesty priority, meaning it will attempt to override AOs, dance animations, etc. However, the way SL works, it’s always the most recent animation that takes precedence. You might try detaching and  reattaching your umbrella to re-activate the pose.


Further Monday  & Fang Roffo
Weather! or not?




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