FF Auction Item – Exclusive Relay for Life Drow

23 04 2010

Lunaria Eclipse of Moonlight Obsession has provided three prizes as Fantasy Faire auction items this year. This is the second – an exclusive RFL Female Drow Avatar. Bid for this at the Fantasy Faire Central Auction.

Inside this box you will find a FULL ELVEN FEMALE AV!! It is Exclusive to the Relay for Life 2010 as I have never boxed any items as One!! With the Certificate you Will Recieve!
1 Female Drow Skin
1 Set of Prim Eyes
1 Set of Drow Ears (Xcite! Compatible, On Touch Menu’s, Create your Own Emotes!!, BOTH GENDERS!!!)
1 Set of Horn’s (Xcite! Compatible, On Touch Menus, Create Your Own Emotes!! BOTH GENDERS!!!)

Welcome to Moonlight Obsession geared for the fantasy of our hearts and lore of Elven folk, Fairy’s, halflings, Drow, Demons and the like. I am Lunaria Eclipse, a very modest elf.  I wish you all the brightest of days. I do hope you enjoy the skins I have designed.  Many more beautiful items to come so be sure to join my group Moonlight Obession to get the latest updates.

Below is a link to My main store.

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