Fantasy Faire Welcome Kit, Low Lag and the Low Lag Fairy

22 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire now has a welcome kit. This contains everything you will need to get around the Faire with –

  • Notecards containing Landmarks, Competition Information, Credits and Thanks, Entertainment and Events listings, and the Fantasy Faire Press Release. (This information can also be found on this website).
  • Low Lag exclusive Fantasy Faire clothing – mens and/or woman’s skins and shirts.

This welcome kit can be found in the Fantasy Faire group notices – join * * FFC Fantasy Faire *  *

Low Lag Clothing

If you want a hint at the low lag skin and clothing, the above image shows yours truly being an FF Low Lag wearer. I added wings and antennae, because I was acting as an event hostess at the time, and needed to grab people’s attention as they teleported into Fantasy Faire Central and waited for things to rez. You, too, can look this good (er-hem) while wearing the Fantasy Faire low lag clothing – especially if you go and pose in the purple ground covers you will find around the Via Obscurium SIM.

The mens skin and shirts have lately been modelled at the Faire by Creative Director and Master Builder, Zander Greene. Go see if you can spot him.

These clothes are available at every TP point across the Faire.

Low Lag Fairy

As with all events this size, there will be lag. We have done our best to keep it as low as we can but we’ll also need your help.

Be considerate of your fellow shoppers, keep prims and bling in your pocket, remove scripted items, turn off your AOs and other scripted HUDs and you will find the going easier for yourself and improve the experience for others as well!   Low prim clothes are available at each teleport point so that you can show your support for The Relay for Life and help everything run smoother PLUS our secret LowLag Fairy will be dropping FABULOUS prizes on people with really low script loads for doing such a great job at keeping the lag down!.

Note : I am not the Low Lag Fairy, despite the wings in the picture above. Rumours are, the Fairy might be a male, you never know!

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central




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