Fantasy Faire – The Great Gate Auction

22 04 2010

At the Fantasy Faire we have Great Gates leading into each of the 8 themed sims around Fantasy Faire Central. Each is a work of art painstakingly created by a Master SL builder and is an original creation.

You have the opportunity to buy one of these amazing gates to be your very own – this Sunday 25th of April at 5pm SLT on the Main Stage.

Fantasy Faire Central Stage

Below you will find a gallery of all of these gates, and an interview with Lauren Thibaud, the creator of seven of the Great Gates of Fantasy Faire 2010.

The Great Gate Gallery

Elvencourt Gate

Sector SciFi Gates

Wings Wands & Wonders Gate

Dark Realms Gate

Avatopia Gate

Neko Industrial Park Gate

Mer Market Gate

Via Obscurium Gate

Image Credits :

  1. Shayariel Teardrop – Avatopia, Via Obscurium, Wings Wands Wonders, Neko Industrial Park
  2. PacificBlue Hanly – Dark Realms, Elvencourt, Mer Market, Sector SciFi.

Note – all images can be seen in more detail on the Fantasy Faire Flickr Feed (these will be uploaded there in a few hours)

Great Gate Details and Interview

The Sector SciFi SIM gate was created by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee who also landscaped the amazing Sector SciFi sim. The SciFi Gates have also been donated to the Fantasy Faire for auctioning to a lucky bidder.

The seven other gates were built by FFC Master builder, Lauren Thibauld, who is responsible for much of the building of Fantasy Faire, but from the sounds of my own interview with Lauren, creating the FF Great Gates are some of the most enjoyable tasks of the Faire. I decided to simply put down this interview as it happened, which will give you all a very good idea of Lauren’s own artistic process, lot’s of information on the Gate Auctions themselves, and some ideas of the general chaos which is my own interviewing technique. But you can see that both Lauren and I had fun discussing such beautiful gates. And there are some hints in there about this year’s gates which, until now, I hadn’t discovered myself.

[13:43]  PacificBlue Hanly: Hi Lauren. Ember asked me to drop you a line. I’m after some quick words about the gates, for when they go up to auction. For the website, to build up some anticipation. Ember tells me you built most of them.

[13:44]  Lauren Thibaud: i’d be happy to answer any questons about them P-

[13:45]  Lauren Thibaud: they are the most fun part of the fair for me

[13:45]  PacificBlue Hanly: I love them myself. I would probably buy most of them if I had the sim to support them, lol

[13:46]  Lauren Thibaud: better if you ask me questions- as an artist I’ll just go on and on- lol

[13:46]  PacificBlue Hanly: Oh rubbish, as a writer I go on and on, this’ll never work, lol

[13:47]  PacificBlue Hanly: Okay, which is your favourite, both as a completed work, or as the concept?

[13:53]  Lauren Thibaud: my favorite-

[13:53]  Lauren Thibaud: hard to say

[13:53]  Lauren Thibaud: the gates are a yearlong process for me mostly- i have to think about them and I like to get inspiration

[13:54]  Lauren Thibaud: I do reach out to artists on the grid

[13:54]  PacificBlue Hanly: Wowo (Editors note – look I warned you about my dribble, didn’t I?)

[13:54]  Lauren Thibaud: last year Pumpkin Tripsa helped with a few

[13:54]  Lauren Thibaud: hahahah

[13:54]  PacificBlue Hanly: Do the gates set the theme of the SIMs, or the other way round?

[13:55]  Lauren Thibaud: we as a team decided on the themes for the sims- then I had the idea to make the gates

[13:55]  Lauren Thibaud: after that was decided last year- I had the idea to auction them

[13:56]  PacificBlue Hanly: Great idea

[13:56]  PacificBlue Hanly: Were the auctions popular last year?

[13:56]  Lauren Thibaud: thanks! we raised almost 100K lindens last year

[13:56]  PacificBlue Hanly: ie have you gone out to see your babies set out elsewhere?

[13:56]  Lauren Thibaud: yes- it was beyond our expectations

[13:57]  Lauren Thibaud: this year Napolde Vella- who won the auction for the WWW gate last year- incorporated it into her store- that was a huge thrill for me

[13:58]  Lauren Thibaud: and I was able to see the Dark Realms gate set out at the Arcanum sim too

[14:00]  PacificBlue Hanly: I think this year, my own favourites are a toss between the flying ants and the birds. Animals and insects appeal to me, but what triggered you to put those with the SIMs?

[14:03]  Lauren Thibaud: the crow has always had a fascination for me- they like shiny things!  I thought they would be a good foil for the Wings Wands and Wonders sim- they personify what that magical sim is about- mischief- flying-if you look close you’ll see that a fairy is able to lead the pack of theives

[14:03]  Lauren Thibaud: its a photo op-

[14:04]  PacificBlue Hanly: I had fun taking photos of the crows, I must say

[14:04]  Lauren Thibaud: lol- and for the Dragonflies- they are a symbol of rebirth or metamorphosis- much like what we look for in our skins or avatars!

[14:04]  PacificBlue Hanly: Ahhhh… the welding of the artist’s mind, I see now….

[14:05]  Lauren Thibaud: hahahah

[14:05]  Lauren Thibaud: i TOLD you i have fun with them!

[14:05]  PacificBlue Hanly: Do you take photos of your own work, Lauren, before it leaves you?

[14:08]  Lauren Thibaud: what’s wonderful here in SL is that my babies never leave me- even though they are a never to be repeated piece of art- if I miss them I can still rezz them and look at them again- wait- dont say that!

[14:08]  Lauren Thibaud: hahaha-

[14:08]  Lauren Thibaud: I’m happy to pass them along

[14:08]  PacificBlue Hanly: So much for exclusivity and one of a kind, lol. But I know what you mean (as a creator)

[14:08]  Lauren Thibaud: yes-

[14:09]  PacificBlue Hanly: Well, that’s pretty good, don’t you think? For the website, you’ve given me quite a lot to play with.

[14:09]  PacificBlue Hanly: Anything else you can think of?

[14:11]  Lauren Thibaud: happy to help!- maybe just that this year- as much as I was able- I tried to make the gates more interactive- you can be the fairy boss on the crow- you can sit in the bathysphere at the Mer gate- because thats the difference here- art doesn’t degrade with contact- so please- touch it!

[14:11]  PacificBlue Hanly: Oh. MUST go play!

[14:11]  Lauren Thibaud: hahahah!

[14:12]  PacificBlue Hanly: You need to put out a sign saying ‘Touch me!’

[14:12]  Lauren Thibaud: hmmm- should I?

[14:12]  Lauren Thibaud: or let everyone find it for themselves?

[14:12]  PacificBlue Hanly: Well, if I go and broadcast it on the website, some might find out the easy way, lol

[14:13]  PacificBlue Hanly: Obviously I was too busy being careful around the SIM crossings, lol

[14:13]  Lauren Thibaud: maybe a hint?

[14:14]  PacificBlue Hanly: I did try sitting on a few trees around, admittedly, and could do with a sit chair at FF Centre, for hostesses trying to get naked people to put clothes on, but…

[14:14]  PacificBlue Hanly: I’m rambling.

[14:14]  Lauren Thibaud: hahaha- i heard about that today!

[14:14]  Lauren Thibaud: attack of the nekkies

[14:15]  PacificBlue Hanly: That was Diane’s problem, I know. But I found a naked man, right after.

[14:15]  PacificBlue Hanly: Anyway, thanks so much for your time. You’ve given me lots to play with, figuratively and literally speaking. Oh, and virtually too, I guess.

[14:15]  Lauren Thibaud: 🙂

[14:16]  Lauren Thibaud: so happy to get a chance to “crow”

[14:16]  Lauren Thibaud: hahahaha

[14:16]  PacificBlue Hanly: *grins*

[14:16]  PacificBlue Hanly: Hope our photos can do you justice

[14:16]  Lauren Thibaud: i’ll look forward to reading this!

[14:16]  Lauren Thibaud: thanks Pacific!

[14:16]  PacificBlue Hanly: I’ll leave the naked crows thing out (Editors note – I lied. It’s all here…)

[14:16]  PacificBlue Hanly: Bye for now

[14:17]  Lauren Thibaud: bye




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