Fantasy Faire Top Pick on Showcase

22 04 2010

At the end of Day 3 – Wednesday, we had some exciting news –

  1. Friends Fighting Cancer were rapt to announce that we have raised over $1.25 million Lindens! That’s 25% more than at the end of the Faire Last year!
  2. If you pull up the Showcase (Search Showcase in world) or the SL website you’ll see that the Fantasy Faire is the NUMBER 1 EDITOR’S CHOICE!

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central

Note – I used the image found on the Showcase and Destination Guides for the editors choice. Oddly, that’s me in blue playing at hostess for one of the events. Perhaps that’s my own 15 minutes of linden fame for my slife.


FF Auction Item – Cloud9 Pandora Sphere

22 04 2010

Mindgarden has provided a fantastic pod as a Fantasy Faire auction prize. Details below, and Bid for this at the Fantasy Faire Central Auction.

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FF Auction Item – Dream Gift Card

22 04 2010

What an amazing Auction Prize – $L 10,000 of store gift cards for the awesome store *Dreams*  Keep them for yourself for an ultimate shopping spree or use them for gifts to friends and loved ones. Bid for this at the Fantasy Faire Central Auction.

Dream Mainstore

Fantasy Faire – The Great Gate Auction

22 04 2010

At the Fantasy Faire we have Great Gates leading into each of the 8 themed sims around Fantasy Faire Central. Each is a work of art painstakingly created by a Master SL builder and is an original creation.

You have the opportunity to buy one of these amazing gates to be your very own – this Sunday 25th of April at 5pm SLT on the Main Stage.

Fantasy Faire Central Stage

Below you will find a gallery of all of these gates, and an interview with Lauren Thibaud, the creator of seven of the Great Gates of Fantasy Faire 2010.

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Fantasy Faire 2010 Auction

22 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire Auctions are located on the purple RelayRibbon Stage in Fantasy Faire Central.

There are over 50 fabulous prizes (total value in the 10s of thousands of L$) ranging from a stunning castle, sim landscaping, gorgeous fashion, unique skins, avatars to custom buildings and much, MUCH more!  Many prizes are exclusive and will *never* be available for sale again, or are an RFL colour limited edition.

Read about some of them on our blog at, where we are presenting each item for you, under the Catergory ‘FF Auction

The bidding will CLOSE at 6pm SLT Saturday!

SLurl to take you to the : Fantasy Faire Central Auction (corrected)

The FF Great Ribbon Hunt

22 04 2010

The GREAT FF RIBBON HUNT ** is now on across all nine sims!

There are thousands of lindens worth of new prizes being hidden across the 9 Fantasy Faire sims each day in small purple and aqua ribbons.  Where could they be? In a cave? Under a dress? up a tree? Behind a tail?

The AQUA hunt – This hunt will be for special one off items so pick up your ribbon when you find it!
The PURPLE hunt – This hunt is for items to be found all week so you’ll get a copy in your inventory when you find one 🙂

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central

Fantasy Faire 2010 Flickr Photo Competition

22 04 2010

Cameras ready, get set, GO!

Imagine 9 full sims of fantasy fun and all you have to do is share with us, and the world, your best SL Fantasy Faire 2010 picture and a brief description in the Fantasy Faire Flickr group . Details below.

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