Fantasy Faire Entertainment

21 04 2010

A reminder that the Fantasy Faire has a full schedule of entertainment throughout the week – live performances, signers, musicians, light shows, a rock band, and ad-hoc performances from some of the visitors, like this, um, large dragon.

(Shot taken Wednesday, 12 noon performance of DJ Bball Braveheart)

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central – start your fantasy journey here.

TP up to the Central Stage above Fantasy Faire Central – you will find the white banners for Central Stage around TP points, or two TP spots to chair you up there from Central below.

And of course, you don’t actually have to go to the Main Stage to be entertained, rumours now appearing to have some credit, are that a group of tinies and ferrets are making use of such SIMs as Avatopia for impromptu dance or tea parties.




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21 04 2010
Dagmar Haiku

Steven looks so cool on the picture are you going to publish it also on flickr?

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