Featured Designer: Aluinn

21 04 2010

Aluinn by Bratty Slade has Neko items

Featured Designer on the Neko Industrial Park RFL sim by Sassy Kitty Designs


Featured Designer: Elven Elan

21 04 2010

Elven Elan by Kate Sakai has clothing and cute other items

Featured on Elvencourt RFL sim by Evie’s Closet

Fantasy Faire Entertainment

21 04 2010

A reminder that the Fantasy Faire has a full schedule of entertainment throughout the week – live performances, signers, musicians, light shows, a rock band, and ad-hoc performances from some of the visitors, like this, um, large dragon.

(Shot taken Wednesday, 12 noon performance of DJ Bball Braveheart)

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central – start your fantasy journey here.

TP up to the Central Stage above Fantasy Faire Central – you will find the white banners for Central Stage around TP points, or two TP spots to chair you up there from Central below.

And of course, you don’t actually have to go to the Main Stage to be entertained, rumours now appearing to have some credit, are that a group of tinies and ferrets are making use of such SIMs as Avatopia for impromptu dance or tea parties.

Featured Designer: Mer-Elf Creations

21 04 2010

Mer-Elf Creations by Morgaine Price
Find her store featured on the Elvencourt RFL sim by Evie`s Closet

So many info’s where to start..?

– 25 LS Sale on all purple items and 100 LS on fatpacks until wednesday

– 2 great dollarbies

– 4 Beautiful RFL items

New mainstore opening on April, 24
  To celebrate, there is going to be a party, and several special events going on .
There will be a 30 L lucky dip in which you can win several limited edition items which you wont be able to get anywere else. You can try your luck for a discounted 30 L , or buy the limited edition items at their full price ! More details on the items later !
There will also be a lucky cupcake style prize giveaway were you can win free limited edition items made just for this event ! So spread the word and bring your friends !
– Photocontest “Spring” For info about it please visit the store on the fair and hit the info board 🙂
– Mer-Elf Creations Sand Dollar Sweepstakes 
All you have to do is turn in your collected sand dollars in to me by the 28th of April in a folder titled Sand Dollar- you name  The two people with the most sand dollars at the end of the sweepstakes win !  For more info about it please visit the store on the fair and hit the info board 🙂 PS.: RFL items include 5 sand dollars

Featured Designer: Fairy Grove Creations

21 04 2010

Fairy Grove Creations by Wraith Unsung

Featured Designer on Elvencourt by Evie`s Closet

Full Avatars for reasonable prices, thank you for providing pictures to me ❤

Fantasy Faire Wednesday 21st Entertainment Schedule

21 04 2010

Four artists to entertain you this Wednesday at Fantasy Faire 2010, providing various styles.

Please come to support all the wonderful artists and performers who have generously given of their time and work to support the Fantasy Faire and to benefit Relay for Life.

2:oo PM DJ Aryon Dagger
3:00 PM
DJ Aryon Dagger
6:00 PM

Starflower Orbit

7:00 PM

Vaughan Michalak

FFC and Fantasy Faire Break 1 Million Lindens for RFL

21 04 2010

Take a look at the total for Fantasy Faire so far. You’ll spot the total overtop of the donation kiosks scattered all over Fantasy Faire 2010.

Team: Friends Fighting Cancer
Team Total : $113967 (and it changed as I wrote this!)

Yes. That’s 1.1 million lindens. As at 3am Wednesday The Fantasy Faire, thanks to the generous sponsors, creators, entertainers giving of their time, and hardworking Friends Fighting Cancer team – oh, and the many shoppers visiting the Faire – we’ve all so far raised 1.1M for Relay for Life.

SLURL : Fantasy Faire Central – start your fantasy journey here.