FF Auction Item – Psychic Carbon Sigma Family Edition

19 04 2010

Fallen Gods Inc, our main sponsor of Dark Realms, has generously donated this special edition Skin collection for the Fantasy Faire 2010 auctions this year. Details below –

PSYCHIC Carbon Sigma Family Edition

Fallen Gods Inc

Greetings Fallen,

With the purchase of this product you benefit the American Cancer society in the full price of the final auction bid. This is the most important part.

The second thing you should now is that is an absolutely unique edition of skins, that will be available only for one purchase, meaning you and your family will be granted a unique genetic look untill SL drops dead.

6 skins are available, 3 male and 3 female, 6 pair of eyes, 3 violet and 3 electric, and 6 accessory packs of body lights and male genitals if needed.

I thank you for considering one of my creations and expecially for donating to research.

Kind regards,

Alia Baroque
Fallen Gods Inc.




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