Fantasy Faire 2010 is Live!

19 04 2010

Fantasy Faire 2010 is live. Below, please find the SLurls to all the SIMs, and a little treat for visitors. Coming up…we’ll be posting up all the blog and media links featuring the Faire, and Monday’s schedule of entertainment. More info for you below –

Fantasy Faire 2010

As with all events this size, there will be lag. We have done our best to keep it as low as we can but we’ll also need your help. Be considerate of your fellow shoppers…keep prims and bling in your pocket…turn off your AOs and other scripted HUDs… You will find the going easier for yourself.   Low prim clothes are available at each teleport point so that you can show your support for The Relay for Life and help everything run smoother PLUS our secret LowLag Fairy will be dropping FABULOUS prizes on people with really low Avatar Render Cost and Scripts for doing such a great job at keeping the lag down!

Fantasy Faire TP Points

Use the Fantasy Faire Central link for main events / entertainment, information and the main auction site. Each of the TP points has a multi-SIM selector to make moving from SIM to SIM easy.

Fantasy Faire Central


Dark Realms


Neko Industrial Park

Sector SciFi

The Mer Market

Via Obscurium

Wings Wands Wonders

Fantasy Faire Vendors

As you move around the Fantasy Faire SIMs we are sure you will find many shopping opportunities. Inside and outside shops you will find vendors and displays of all sorts of fantastical goods, clothing, prefabs, landscaping items, artwork, avatars etc.

The creators at Fantasy Faire also have the opportunity to setup some of their vendors for you in a solely vendor shop. This is located as the last shop on the Neko Industrial Park, just before the border into Dark Realms. Don’t forget to stop by that shop for an overall perspective.

RFL 2010 Munch Faery

Visitors to the Faire may receive this RFL 2010 Munch Faery, created by Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet, our main sponsor of Elvencourt. For other exclusive freebies, check out all the stores, and of course, the RFL ribbon hunt (details coming up).




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