FF Auction Item – ZcZ Urban Neko Skybox

18 04 2010

Another fabulous auction item that you will find at Fantasy Faire 2010 – a special edition Zanzibar CreationZ Skybox. Details below –

The .:ZcZ:. Urban Neko Skybox is a one off build from `*~Zanzibar creationZ~*`.  It will not be released after the Faire.  A smaller, slightly modified version may be released soon after though.

The skybox has a footprint of 30m x 30m and is a low 60 prims.

Furniture included in this package is a total of 88 prims.  Each visably sitable prim on the furniture is scripted with it’s own pose.  That’s a total of 32 poses/animations included.

The skybox layout is  an open theme with an ‘industrial warehouse’ feel to it.  A large open area upstairs with beds and workout area with plenty of room to add your own furnishing and or decorations.  Downstairs is a big “U” shape build with a connecting play tunnel at the front.  Don’t mind the mess on the outdoor deck when you walk through the tunnel =)

Furniture downstairs includes a quiet lounge and stool area against a large open window.  A play area with views from a window.  Lazy barrels in the back for chilling out and a beanbag lounge area for relaxing.

As this build is made “Copy” in the rezz faux package for easy reuse or multiple rezzing.  There is a Gift Certificate provided to the Fantasy Faire that is No Copy/Transfer to be redeemable at `*~Zanzibar creationZ~*`

Happy Bidding.

Arora Zanzibar
Owner/Designer of `*~Zanzibar creationZ~*`




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