Fantasy Faire | Some Updates

15 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire team are working hard to get things in order, our creators are working hard to setup their stores, ready to give you the fantasy experience of the year from Monday 19th April. In the meantime, there are some updates on this website for you, briefly listed below.

1. Updated Creators List

More creators, more featured creators. The Creator listings have been updated for all nine SIMs, as at 14th April.

You will now find these creator listings easily accessible via the new SIM & Creator Listing main menu, which is where we’ll be putting up SLURLs to all the main areas once these are released.

2. Events – Starting with the Auctions

The Events main menu item will soon index for you all the major events as this information is released. Starting off with the Fantasy Faire auctions, of course. For ease of use, there is now an FF Auction category. Simply select that to find all the posts on the Auctions – including all the items our creators have generously donated to the auction (and there are many more to come shortly!).

By the way – take a look at our Flickr group because some of those auction items are being uploaded there as I publish this!

3. Sponsor Listings and Updates

This website has now profiled all of our sponsors aside from one – Fallen Gods. That article is soon to be published for you, alongside a final update to the static Sponsor Index page where you can find quick links for all our main sponsors this year.

On that topic, I’ve just updated one sponsor’s page to include some lovely new images which came to hand. Take a look at the items available at Moonstruck and Fantavatar to tempt you as you explore the Fantasy Faire this year.

4. My Thanks

Lastly a bit of a personal thanks to all the patient creators and sponsors as I put this site together. You’ve sat through SLURL errors, mispellings and general tiredness as the Fantasy Faire has been put together from the web end, not to mention that a hundred-fold in-world with SIM, store and vendor setups, and of course – our requests. So my own thanks must go to the incredibly hard working FFC team and to all the creators and sponsors this year.

If you do happen to spot an error on this website, feel free to contact me personally (PacificBlue Hanly) and I’ll correct it as soon as located.

I’d also lastly (but certainly not finally) like to thank the writing team who are responsible for putting together some of the sponsor articles and more to come when the Faire opens. Second Life can cause many concerns regarding communications – missing notecards, missing IMs, timezone problems, general business in the people we’ve been trying to contact, server maintenance, general SL problems, even emails going missing externally. None of this is new to us, or to the people we’ve been trying to get to, so my appreciation must go to those writers (like myself) who encountered this in our own attempts to get you the information on this website, and to those sponsors who offered their information and sometimes corrections with grace and patience.

And now – there’s so much information and fantasy to come!




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