Why I Relay

13 04 2010


The Fantasy Faire and Friends Fighting Cancer all are working for the same thing – supporting RFL. Lately you have two different ways of telling us all WHY YOU RELAY for LIFE. You can do it via sound or simply an image. Here are the details for how to share your own personal stories on why you support RFL of SL, and the many events put on to aid this cause.

Why I Relay Recordings

Why I Relay Recordings…

We all have reasons for participating in Relay For Life..  Maybe its in honor of a survivor you know, or in memory of a beloved family member or friend. Perhaps you are a survivor or caregiver wishing to ‘give back’ or maybe you just want to meet cute guys or gals. What ever the reason, RFL of SL wants to know why you have decided to join us.

Please make a short recording ( 30-60 seconds Maximum) using the Sounds Recorder on your computer.  Don t worry about quality and Please don’t Be shy!

In Conjunction with T1Radio ( http://t1radio.serverroom.us:8242) and other streams in SL  we will be playing these recordings to help us introduce RFL to people all around SL.

Please help us!  Make a recording.  Tell your story!  Help Us Save a Life Today!

Don’t worry about quality. Don’t Be Shy.  T1Radio’s staff will make you sound like a superstar DJ!  We just need your Recordings!

A Couple of hints to Improve Recording Quality

~ Try to do it in a quiet environment.. its hard to edit out barking dogs, crying kids and begging spouses!
~ Use a headset & Mic if possible
~ Try NOT to Breathe into mic – Keep it just even with lower lip. Cover with a foam ball or Cotton Puff.
~ Turn off SL Sounds and Music
~ Rehearse your words
~ Emotions are fine..  We Encourage them.. For Many, Relay For Life is an Emotional Experience. SHARE THAT!

Recording Help

Windows Users:

> Windows Button
> All Programs
> Accessories
> Sound Recorder

Click Start Recording Button
Speak Normally
When done Click Stop Recording and Name FIle  <MYNAME> Why I Relay
Save File
Send File to: trader@t1radio.com

MAC Users:

(You Tube Tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFgtLPWQC6U )

> Garageband
> Create New Podcast (you may need to Click FILE > Create
>Save As: <Your Name> Why I Relay 2010

When program opens you will see several tracks.. delete all but WHY I RELAY

Choose Source (MIC) You should see Levels moving
Record your Words
Click STOP
Click Share Menu
Select Export To Disk
Select MP3 Compression VERY IMPORTANT!!! AAC is default but we need MP3
Set BIT RATE to 128
Save to folder

email to Trader@t1radio.com

Why I Relay in Images

The Fantasy Faire Flickr group is encouraging you to share your own story via an image uploaded to our group. You will see one up there already by FFC’s own Arora Zanzibar, and Ember Farina has encouraged all our sponsors and creators to equally share their reasons for supporting our own Faire this year. So, I took the challenge myself, and uploaded my own reasons for supporting RFL and the Fantasy Faire again this year. My image is shared with you at the top. A larger more legible image can be found on our Flickr stream.

Upload your ‘Why I Relay’ images to our Flickr group and share your own reasons with us. This Flickr stream shares through to our small sidebar gallery here on this blog, and as the Faire progresses you will see more and more images – and stories – on the group.

LINK : Fantasy Faire Flickr pool




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