Why I Relay

13 04 2010


The Fantasy Faire and Friends Fighting Cancer all are working for the same thing – supporting RFL. Lately you have two different ways of telling us all WHY YOU RELAY for LIFE. You can do it via sound or simply an image. Here are the details for how to share your own personal stories on why you support RFL of SL, and the many events put on to aid this cause.

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Fantasy Faire Press Release

13 04 2010

This is our new logo for 2010, designed by Kate Sakai.
You will see this logo being used around the Fantasy Faire, and on the low-lag clothing available at the Faire.

* * Fantasy Faire 2010, April 19 – 25th * *

Proudly brought to you by

Friends Fighting Cancer

Strong!  Together!

Making wishes come true!

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Six More Days, and Bloggers Preview Day

13 04 2010

It’s six more days, only six more days until Fantasy Faire 2010 opens – Monday 19th of April. At the moment the creators are setting up their shops ready for when the SIMs are released to us. For those who are looking for the SLurls to all the FF sims, these will be released closer to the time. Once open on Monday you should be able to find ‘Fantasy Faire’ under the normal search functions within Second Life also.

If you are a blogger, the Faire is offering you a preview day on Sunday. Details below.

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