Blogging Us, Blogging You, Aha

8 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire 2010 is now less than two weeks away, and we are ready for all the excitement through the blog streams. The Fantasy Faire website has a dedicated and excited team of writers and photographers roaring to go (and already working on sponsorship interviews for you) but we also love it when other bloggers, magazines and newspapers talk about the Faire. On this page, we want to list and link you to all the wonderful blog posts and media articles about the Faire out there.

If you’re aware of posts, or have written about the Fantasy Faire yourself, and want this page to link back to you, please contact either Evangeline Miles or PacificBlue Hanly and we’ll link you up here on our FF Talk page.

Note – title of this post is a reference to either an Abba song, of if you’re British – a television show called ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You, Alan Partridge’ just because I’ve taken over this website for the moment. Aha.

Meet a Writer

Firstly, here’s a quick list of the blogging team for Fantasy Faire 2010. We’ll be putting up posts on this website for you whilst the Faire is running, and believe me, we’re as keen to get to it as you are.

  • PacificBlue Hanly
  • Shayariel Teardrop
  • Divergence Magic
  • Dakota Francois
  • Deangelo Urqhart
  • darkevilone Demonia
  • Suavana Maiman

If you see any of us around the Faire wearing an ‘FF Writer 2010‘ tag then stop us and talk to us, tell us what you think, and what you like about the Faire. And if you write up a post or media article we also want to know about it.

Talking about the Fantasy Faire 2010

Media, blog posts, articles, television shows, mechanima, interviews, press, newspapers, magazines, wonderful photos shared on Flickr – you get the gist. Tell us about it, and we’ll list all the Faire attention on this special page here. We already have a couple of blog posts mentioned on there, so get yours up and linked to as well.

Link : The FF Talk page




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Shelby Rasmuson

I just blogged Spellbound.

19 04 2010

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26 04 2010

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