Creators at Avatopia

7 04 2010

Our general Avatars and Tinies SIM, Avatopia, has many excellent creators to tempt you into the Fantasy Faire this year. Come visit it from April 19th to see all nine SIMs of fantasy, and to raise funds for RFL.

‘Avatopia’ SIM

‘Avatopia’ Sponsor


‘Avatopia’ Featured Creators

  1. Dragonfox Designs **Also has a themed store on the General Fantasy sim**
  2. Animations Rising
  3. Silk Worms and RIPPED – Gorean Clothing
  4. De La Fae Productions

‘Avatopia’ Themed Creators

  1. Whimsical Wonders **Also has a themed store on the Wings, Wands & Wonders sim **
  2. Elorian Gardens
  3. GK Designs **Also has a themed store on the Neko sim**
  4. Wasabi Pills
  5. Lil Verse
  6. Satyr Studios and KittyCat’s Creations
  7. Tribal Soul Designs **Also has a themed store on the Sci Fi sim**
  8. Hidden Treasure of Dragons
  9. Bughouse
  10. SpellBound
  11. ## CI ## Animations
  12. Enchanted Knights

List as at 17th April.




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