Creators at the Mer Market

5 04 2010

Last year’s Mer Market SIM at the Fantasy Faire was the talk of the grid, and certainly the first time I’d ever encountered an underwater marketplace. I went overboard (pun unintended) with shopping and ended up with some stunning mer outfits, and expect nothing less from this year’s Mer SIM creators. For a listing of these read on…

‘Mer Market’ SIM

‘Mer Market’ Sim Sponsor

Mer Betta

‘Mer Market’ SIM Featured Creators

  1. Deep Sea Fins
  2. Atargatis
  3. Pacific Sunrise
  4. Ro’s Designs

‘Mer Market’ SIM Themed Creators

  1. Mer-Sea
  2. Kindred Souls
  3. Sirens Song
  4. TempT
  5. Tekeli-li! Dark Artistry
  6. Safe Waters
  7. KamiHitoe
  8. Bibi’s Coral Reef Shop
  9. .: Yo Bailo :. Mermaid Dance&Pose
  10. Rose Princess
  11. Mermaid Reef
  12. Pyewicket’s Myths

List as at 17th April

Note: Updated as at 5th April




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