Creators at Neko Industrial Park

4 04 2010

The Neko Industrial Park SIM of Fantasy Faire 2010 features some of the best neko designers and creators gridwide. Here’s the list for you. Stop by the Fantasy Faire from April 19th.

Neko Industrial Park SIM

Neko Industrial Park Sponsor

Sassi Kitty Designs

Neko Industrial Park Featured Creators

  1. Psychotic Neko
  2. Aluinn

Neko Industrial Park Themed Creators

  1. Time Cats Emporium
  2. *Dreams*
  3. Ari’s Neko Retreat and Designs
  4. `*~Zanzibar creationZ~*`
  5. Cat-A-Tonic
  6. GK Designs
  7. KIKI No.18
  8. Mouse*Trap
  9. Boof

List as at 17th April.




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