Creators at Elvencourt

3 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire’s booked out Elven SIM is full of elven splendour. Here is our listing of all the creators you will find on Elvencourt this year.

‘Elvencourt’ SIM

Elvencourt Sponsor

Evie’s Closet

Elvencourt Featured Creators

  1. Elven Elan
  2. ND/MD skin
  3. Fairy Grove Creations
  4. Mer-Elf Creations

Elvencourt Themed Creators

  1. Pretty Things By Lihan
  2. Cloverleaf Corners Fantasy Clothing
  3. Simply Fae and Ancient Dreams Medieval Market
  4. [TrE uNiQuE]
  5. Moonlight Obsession
  6. Illusions
  7. MANDRAGORA – Medieval Rustic & Elven Roleplay Furniture & Items
  8. Kicreations
  9. BabelFish designs & Mermaids
  10. Haven Designs Fantasy Apparel and Costuming
  11. Kokihi
  12. Ibanez Eyes

List as a 17th April.




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