Meet an FF Sponsor: Fantavatar and Moonstruck

2 04 2010

I had the honor of speaking to Luna Barak, owner and creator of Fantavatar and Moonstruck, and a sponsor of the Faire.  When she first rezzed, she was a roleplayer in a Medieval/Fantasy sim.  After some time, she felt the creators itch, and decided to design Medieval and fantasy costumes, under the brand name Moonstruck.  After some time, she then decided to develop a brand of complete Fantasy avatars, and name it FANTAVATAR.  Her goal, she says, is to provide roleplayers with a wide range of well-made, high-quality fantasy avatars. 

Then, in October 2009, her dream building opened on her own sim, which she called Fantavatar. Not only does this sim house Moonstruck and FANTAVATAR, there is a medieval fantasy market, full of the “best creators for fantasy and historical roleplay”, and many places to explore. There are boat tours, mysterious caves, and a theater for musical events, all in a fascinating landscape.

Luna’s most recent project, however, has been the Historical Reviews Magazine. As Luna explains it, “This magazine focus over historical and fantasy themes in Second Life, giving space to all the people who is contributing to these themes with educational or commercial purposes. This magazine is intended as a service for all those who love the historical fantasy themes, letting them know, through articles and interviews, new places for exploring and the many talented creators working all over the grid. The magazine is freely distributed in themed roleplay sims, malls and shops”.

Having participated in last years Fantasy Faire, Luna decided to become even more involved by becoming a sponsor.  She’s looking foward to seeing all the fantasy creators.






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