Fantasy Faire Auction Item – Oferion Castle

2 04 2010

The Fantasy Faire is so excited to tease you with one of the items generously donated by Morphe Inc, that we can’t constrain ourselves any longer.

The Oferion castle will be featured in the Fantasy Faire auctions this year, and awaits your bids once the Auctions open.

Oferion is a one of a kind traditional looking castle filled with twists, turns, and a massive Grand Hall entrance with beautiful texturing. Custom Sculpts, working bells and clocktower along with useful Library features and a functional one-of-a-kind Castle hud to control your doors, lighting and other things from any point in the castle.

Oferion comes with an accessory package that includes items seen in the full time permanent display inworld at Morphe Inc. Oferion also has a one of a kind dungeon security door system that uses coded entry for each individual door in the dungeon. Fantastic for roleplay.  Here are some of the features:

Prims: 2008
Footprint 87 x 87 meters
Highest peak: 94.5 meters
Highest walkable point: 70 meters

9 private rooms
3 story grand hall
full private chapel with working bells
2 common halls
spacious courtyard
Working clocktower
Working exterior door knockers
80×80 dungeon with high security section
tunnel entrance
2 seperate locking door systems with coded entry access
Castle HUD to control doors, gate, lighting and to quick reference the Scroll legend or the castle manual.
An accessory pack including, bookcases, chandaliers, sound effects and torches and much more!

You can also find a full permissions legend in the library to share with friends or residents. The lucky auction winner will also receive the story “Andraste & the king of Oferion” once this is completed. This story is as yet not fully recovered and restored, but once finished all Oferion owners will receive this – and you could be one of those lucky Oferion owners.

You can see this full castle in-world on permanent display at Morphe Inc, before coming to the Fantasy Faire commencing April 19th to bid for it.

Coming up – look out for the a post soon on four statues from Morphe Inc which also have been kindly donated for the Fantasy Faire auctions. These all will provide further authentic detailing to your Oferion castle or any other gothic or medieval build you may dwell within.




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