Creators at Dark Realms

2 04 2010

Dark Realms will be the Fantasy Faire’s vamp and goth SIM, and we have some fantastic creators exhibiting and selling for you at Dark Realms. Take a look at our creator list below for what darkness you will find when visiting Dark Realms at the Fantasy Faire this year.

‘Dark Realms’ SIM

Dark Realms Sponsor

Fallen Gods Inc

Featured Creators

  1. Dark Goddess Designs
  2. Curious Kitties
  3. RFyre
  4. Gothic Passionate Dreams

Themed Creators

  1. Endless Pain Tattoos
  2. [Gauze]
  4. MysticHope Designs
  5. Gallery Fumiwo
  6. ::DtD::
  7. -=FORSAKEN=-
  8. ~silentsparrow~
  9. NUANCE by NightShade
  10. Saber Tooth Designs
  11. Avrele Designs
  12. *Nomine™™ TM*

List as at 17th April.




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