RFL of SL Totals So Far

23 03 2010

Fantasy Faire 2010 – watch out for it from April 19th – 25th.

A big shout-out to The Clothing Fair, which raised a whopping L$4,357,849 so far for RFL.

Goreans in the Relay For Life have topped the half million mark, and we can proudly announce that only ten days into RFL itself, Friends Fighting Cancer have so far raised L$408195 from SIM Sponsors and creators investing in the upcoming Fantasy Faire 2010.

Want to know more of how much is being raised by all the teams supporting Relay For Life of Second Life? Then check out the RFL of SL page on The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life website.

And before our own Fantasy Faire this year, another team will be raising funds through the SL Home Garden & Patio Expo beginning April 10th.

Read More for the links to these websites.

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