Interview with the Fantasy Faire Poster Girl

19 03 2010

Absinthe Primrose is, for want of a better word, our cover model for the Fantasy Faire 2010. That’s her – dressed in full fantastic regalia in the cover posters and headers for the Faire.

But that section of the picture is only half of it. Below the beautiful skin, and metal armour detail is a full  warrior centaur outfit, shared by Absinthe on her Flickr feed (and now here also).

This Centaur Warrior look was used for the “Fantasy Faire 2010” poster  for Relay For Life / Friends Fighting Cancer to Benefit RFL. The Faire will be running from April 19th to 25th.


Model: Absinthe Primrose
Skin: Dream Ink Design
Eyes: Part of Lilith Helmet by Hat Mechanic
Ponytail: Hairpiece SARA35 Black by Boon
Elf Ears: Yojo by NV
Collar: Collar Me Up by Sissi
Helmet: Lilith by Hat Mechanic
Swords: Everheart’s Brand by Spirakineticka
Chainmail: Part of Karayan outfit by Digital Knickers
Jeweled Undershirt / Loincloth : Part of Beledinoir outfit by Chaospire
Forearm / Shoulder / Hip Guards: Part of Black Sentinel outfit by BareRose
Spiked Back Decoration: Part of Ochimusha Lady outfit by BareRose
Horse Body: Dapple Grey by Hoof It!
Pose: SwordStand by 5ifth Order Animation Array

About Absinthe Primrose

As she is self-proclaimed as Second Life’s ‘Costume Queen’, I wanted to get to know more about Absinthe’s input into the making of a huge Faire like the Fantasy Faire. You will find other charity artwork on Absinthe’s flickr streams. Absinthe was previously involved in the Fantasy Faire 2009 and created the event poster for that one also. So here are her responses to a quick interview –

Q1 How did you come to be the creator for the poster Faire images? Here’s your chance of explaining how you came to firstly create the poster images, and why…

I’ve created marketing pieces for Studio Red (an events/entertainment company on SL) and have also donated my time to create SL charity event pieces:

People that know me will tell you that I adore buying a variety of hair and pieces on SL that are strange/unusual/sci-fi/fantasy based.  Not to mention that I can usually be seen running around/shopping in some fantasy/sci-fi inspired mix and match ensemble.

I’ve known Ember Farina for quite some time and was honored that she offered me the opportunity to create a charity poster with a fantasy look base for the first fair called FFC Fantasy Faire 2009 (in which I used a fairy look):

This year I was excited to hear that the FFC Fantasy Faire was coming back for 2010! Ember asked if I could create another fantasy poster, I said:  “Wow, great timing!!!  I’m currently putting together a female warrior centaur look!”

Q2 What aspects of the Faire and the RFL / Friends Fighting Cancer have captured your own passion for this year? What are you excited about?

My aunt died of cancer last year and I’ve known a variety of family / friends in SL and RL that are currently fighting cancer…so hearing about groups such as RFL and FFC does tug at my heartstrings.

Definitely can’t wait to see the sim builds…and there’s going to be NINE SIMS!!!!  The “Mer Market” from last year’s fair was my favorite (I never shopped underwater before, lol).  I’m also excited to see what entertainment the Faire has lined up for this year … and of course:  to discover and shop from some “new to me” designers.  I’ve told folks that even if they are “not into” fantasy, I’m sure there will be a variety of items that can be incorporated into their fashion looks as well as their home/garden/photo shoot sets/sim builds.

Q3 Anything else you would like to say?

Many thanks to Ember Farina and the FFC team for the opportunity to create the artwork for you and for such an awesome cause.  And thanks ahead of time to all the designers, media outlets and content creators that will be joining the fair.  An event such as this would not be possible without the hard work, dedication and time of each RFL member/participant/attendee! HUGS!

You can find Absinthe’s graphic works on her flickr stream :




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