Meet a FF Sponsor : FUD – Fairy Unique Designs

15 03 2010

FUD or Fairy Unique Designs are our SIM sponsor for the ViaObscurium SIM of the Fantasy Faire this year. Behind the store name you will find creator HappyHolly Grigges.

Further images of FUD products can be found on the FUD sponsorship page onsite here at the Fantasy Faire website, but in the meantime we’d like to share the interview I had with Happyholly, over what the Fantasy Faire means to her this year.

My name is Happyholly Grigges. I am the owner and Creator of Fairy Unique Designs or affectionately known as FUD. FUD is mainly a texture and tutorial store. Textures are all handmade. I carry textures that fit into many fantasy areas. Mermaid tails, Fairy Wings, Furry hair, and so much more. I also teach and help with management for TUi and RAGE. They are both SL building schools. My class tutorials are more on the whimsy side – a Whoopie chair, Hot Chocolate Tea cup ride, Easter Bumper cars, etc… Often if it is a bit off the wall, I like it. :)

I like to give people the tools to create marvelous things here in SL.

Q1 : As a Fantasy Faire sponsor, what initially piqued your interest about sponsoring such an event?

This is my second year sponsoring the event. Last year when I received word about the fantasy faire, I immediately asked if there was still Sim sponsors needed. Having just recently lost a close family member to a 7 year cancer battle it felt like this event was calling to me for a reason. To continue helping others fight cancer, even after the daily fight my family had been going through for years had ended.

After my family member died, I never figured I would be much involved with the cancer fight again until I had to be. Not from lack of caring for others mind you, but the painful memories it brought for my family. But a little bit of time and space brings your mind back into perspective. Not to the painful memories as I expected, but the courage and strength that my family member had facing this disease in many forms over a long period. I am forever amazed how she fought for just one more day for over 7 years.

After getting the invite to the fair last year it made me pull out the newspaper clipping of my family members obituary. After rereading it, I knew why it was sent to me and what I had to do.

“With Grace, courage and strength, she fought her seven-year battle with multiple cancers. She believed if she could live long enough, science would find a cure. Alas, science could not fulfill her wish in time, but her dream lives on that a cure will soon be found for others.”

Q2 : What is it about RFL / Friends fighting Cancer and the Fantasy Faire 2010 that you are particularly passionate about?

I am passionate about helping RFL / Friends Fighting Cancer raise money and awareness of this tragic disease. Friends fighting cancer provided me with a way that I enjoy to do that. That way being SL and the fantasy theme.

Q3: What are you really looking forward to with the Fantasy Faire this year?

Just a few of the many things I look forward to are: Meeting new people, Helping a very worthy cause and Making people more aware of this terrible disease while helping to raise more money so maybe that dream of science finding a cure will come true for someone else before it is too late.

As a taster for what Fairy Unique Designs may bring to the Faire this year, take a look at these images of the FUD store and texture range. Further images can be found on the FUD sponsorship page. I hope to return also, when we get closer to the Faire in April to see whether Happyholly might be prepared to give us a bit of a tease about what she may be providing at the Faire itself.

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