Fantasy Faire – SIM Design Competition

7 03 2010

Last year, Friends Fighting Cancer were proud to present Fantasy Faire 2009 which raised more than $4000 USD on behalf of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  Over 2000 people from around the globe came to shop, see live shows, explore and enjoy the nine themed sims of the Faire.  The Fantasy Faire 2010 is going to break those records! More visitors, more donations, more to do and see.  And your designs could be at the heart of it all!

The Fantasy Faire 2010 is excited to announce the Sim Design Competition!

There are eight themed sims and a winning designer in each will be chosen.  The chosen designers will create original shops in 3 different sizes and work with Faire staff to develop the other decorative features for the sim.  Your vision, our support, all to benefit the American Cancer Society!

In addition to signs on the fairgrounds announcing you as the Sim Designer, you will be featured in articles on the Faire website and other promotional materials.  Plus, with all those shops on the ground your name will be all over the sim itself!

The Fantasy Faire 2010 will be one of the premiere SL events this spring.  The winners of the Sim Design Competition will benefit from that in a big way.

An example of four of last year’s Fantasy Faire sim builds are highlighted in Youtube videos:

Fantasy Faire 2009 Creator kyota Spitteler, one of our Mer Friends, captured some of the sights of the Faire.  She shared her view of this special event, sim by sim on YouTube:

  • Avatopia (general Avatars, costumes, etc)

SIM Design Competition Guidelines

  1. Pick at least one of the themed sims listed below.  You may choose to enter in as many themes as you like and may submit as many entries as you like in each.  The Fantasy Faire reserves the right to select an entry of yours in one theme as the winner in another.
  2. Build an original “shop” appropriate to the theme(s) you have chosen.  This shop must conform to the following specifications:
  • No more than 20 prims.
  • Have a “footprint” of 20 meters by 30 meters and a ceiling height of 15 meters.
  • Single floor.
  • Open front along the 30 meter wall.
  • No scripts.
  • Entries must be copyable but need not be modable or transferable.

Winning designers will have the opportunity to create two additional shops, one for the Featured Creators and one for the Sim Sponsor.

If your design is chosen, just provide full perm versions of all shops.  Fantasy Faire staff will work with you to set up and develop the sim around your winning design.

Themed SIMs

  • Elven
  • Mermaid / aquatic
  • Science Fiction
  • Neko
  • Magical (fairy / wizards)
  • Goth / vampire
  • General fantasy x 2 sims (covers Avatars, tinies, dragons, costumes, etc)

To Enter

  • Create a folder and name it ‘FFC Fantasy Faire build entry 2010‘ and ADD YOUR NAME after.  If you do not do this, your entry could be lost.
  • Put your copyable “shop” in the folder along with an entry form notecard. You will find the entry form notecard format below.
  • If you are submitting more than one design, please include all objects and notecards in a single folder
  • Send to Zander Greene no later than March 14th, 2010

Entry Form Notecard Format






What would you like to say about your design?

There will be at least ten copies of these 20-prim shops on the sim.  But there will also  be four copies of a larger shop (40 prims) and one shop even larger still (60 prims). In a few sentences, how do you envision your design applied to these larger shops?




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7 03 2010
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